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Best Burgers Mysore: Restaurant/ eat out review Downtown Burgers!

Quick question to the foodies in Mysore. Do you know where the best burger joint is in Mysore? Another quick question, do you think, a small burger place with a menu not more than a page can survive for more than 5 years without offering too much of a choice on the menu? Well you got it right! I am talking about the Downtown burger joint.

Located in the Kalidasa road and very close to the Mahajana’s college, the burger joint comes as a good respite from the traditional food we are used to. We got to know about the place about 5 years ago. It was the age of the booming coffee days and the KFC was still a distant dream. McD still seems to a distant one for Mysore. But for burgers, perhaps we don’t need them yet. As far as I can see, Downtown is doing a great job with them.

The burgers are possibly the best I have had till now and this best is amongst the burgers I have ever tasted anywhere. The burger comes with a healthy filling of a Mayo. Long live Mayo! The brilliant taste it adds to the pieces of bread it is jelled to and the filling of the burgers or even the rolls here make it simply irresistible. As the Mayo melts in our mouth, we can feel the vegetables or for the chicken lovers, the well cooked and perfectly seasoned chicken which enrich the taste of the burger. The rolls too are quite delicious. I have been a regular visitor of this place from a long time and never for once have I been disappointed with the taste here nor the environment.


The place still seems surprisingly small for a place which produces burgers like these. We have heard many ads that have said ‘finger licking good’. Now I know what they actually mean by it. There were four of us eating today and none of us was willing to spare a single shred of the rolls nor a single drop of Mayo on the plate. The food sure dances on your palate and as Manu would say, “the food deserves all the silence in the world when eating it”. And surprisingly I was looking around when the food arrived and trust me, not even one person seemed to be talking. Time seemed a little motionless and for a moment I remember Eintstein’s theory of relativity.  I wonder how the philosophical aspect of relativity would become so clear when there is a food on your plate you would absolutely love to die for! And Manu was right, the food did deserve all the silence in the world. Neither one of us dared to speak and we could see the expressions on our faces. It sure was worth a picture.


The story of the best burger in Mysore ends here and so does the search for the best burger/chicken rolls too. Happy eating guys 🙂

Restaurant review: Deja Vu, Kalidasa Road, Mysore

The famous kalidasa road plays host to yet another budding restaurant in the name “Déjà vu”. Well I had the same question, why the name déjà vu for a restaurant? I still don’t get the answer, it does sound good though but I still am not sure as to why! 😀


Well as usual our lunch escapades took us to a new restaurant on the recommendation of Radha. I loved the setting, it gives the feeling of a plush, classy restaurant very well arranged tables, the silver ware, furniture, …….

No wonder it breathes newness in most of the arrangements there. I even loved their menu which is a certain thick cardboard. One thing very clear about the restaurant was that they sure have spent a lot of money on setting up the place and I would say they have done a pretty decent job with that.


Before starting the review on it, I would like to make a quick apology to Sandeep cos I am gonna write about the non veg again 😉 . The menu shows a wide range of selection of the dishes, it ranged from the variety of cuisines to the variety of the dishes in the cuisines we are familiar with. It does show a variety on the veg front too, but I would prefer to stick to my strength here 😉

The initial order started with the fire wings. We would naturally draw a parallel between that and the KFC chicken wings, but I certainly loved the sauce they offer here. It is a mild pepper sauce with the sweetness of tomato and the lovely masala flavour just inviting us to devour the food. The other starter which accompanied this was the crispy chicken balls which had their own part to play on the palate and the plate. I loved it for the crispiness and with the Mayo everything seems just about right. This too was a beautiful dish. The main course went into an order of biryani which again was a nice one, a little different from the traditional ones we get at the kafe Biryani corner or the other ones in Mysore. The roasted thin onion rings added a lot to the flavour and the cooking style I believe was a little North Indian but definitely added a good flavour to the palate. The pinacolada was a nice mocktail to the beverage list and the lime soda did help us with the gulping down of a spicy non veg dish in the name of fire wings!


However, I think the winner of the day was certainly the fire wings!

I must say I was mighty impressed with the food choices they have there, it provides a multi cuisine with the Mexican, Italian, American , ………………….



Well I think a perfect meal is a little bit of an illusion and turns out I always have a little something to complain on in any place I visit. The egg mayonnaise salad which we ordered turned out to be a little disappointing, but that probably was cos we had set the bar a little high for this restaurant. And the last time my friend visited here, this was supposedly the best dish of the day then. But I guess everyone has a little bit of a dull day, of the foods we had, I was still very happy with the selection and the dining experience there. Very well maintained, the food is pretty great and the ambience is something we can’t complain about. Although it is not the romantic setting which a couple would hope for, but for a person interested in food just as a foodie or for a gang, it certainly is a great place. For the couple too, if they are keen on the good food, nothing should be stopping you from trying out here. The prices though are a little bit on the expensive side but for the food they offer, I wouldn’t be the one who would have many complaints here.



11th Cross, Anjana Complex,

Kalidasa Road,

Telephone 0821 4242152


Best place for dosa in Mysore… MYLARI :)

For people coming in to Mysore, there is one question that has always been a common one, where do we get the best dosa in Mysore. In Davangere, the answer is a little more simpler and it is undoubtedly the Davangere Benne Dosa and I believe it was the sagar restaurant we checked out there and it was pretty amazing.

Coming to Mysore, I found myself asking this question when my friend asked me where I would find the best dosa in Mysore. My mind was revolving around a lot of places, the Siddhartha hotel we were close to, Sandesh the prince and much more of the classier places where you pay for the ambience than the food. Thanks to me, I was entertaining a foodie today and that’s one best part of being a foodie, we don’t care too much about the ambience as long as it is tolerable but the food has to be brilliant. And I call up Vinay Parameshwarappa, who better to give a glimpse of Mysore than the very own true guide? 😉 and the answer came almost immediate- Mylari dosa!

We did wait a while for the hotel to open. I was in particular starving and it was way beyond the lunch time. They are open from around 7:30 to 11 odd and then from 4. The time was about 3 and I was still starving wondering whether it was worth the wait. And trust me, it was worth the wait. We have all been treated with the normal crispy dosas everywhere and for me I had been so attuned to those that I felt that the real dosas were the crispy ones with the masala inside them and a very thin crust. But a little thick and a porous dosa today opened my eyes to an actual reality. Infact this beats any dosa I have had anywhere till now and in fact this is the BEST dosa I have ever had. The chutney we get is a coconut one without the normal too much of chilly. We can actually feel the coconut in the chutney and it is brilliant indeed. This followed with a sabji that is equally fantastic. Normally with a dosa we would expect the potato to go with it but thankfully there was no potato here. It looked like another chutney but way too brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! The onion with that masala on top of that dosa makes my mouth water even now when I remember that.

Now a point to note is that there is more than one Mylari in Mysore. And this one is named “Original Mylari restaurant” and I would believe there is a lot authentic and original about that! This one is in 769 Nazarbad Main Rd, Mysore, India. There is another in kuvempunagar and I have been there too but the food here outclasses the other one any day. I simply have fallen in love with the dosas here. I wish the place were a little bigger but again, people from various nationalities have loved it here, I should be the last one to complain cos we still get an awesome food and pretty much anyone would not have a difficulty affording it. As Vinay would say- “We have had people have the dosa from various nationalities now and this restaurant boasts of serving them and it is all true. They have lived up to the expectations and infact beyond the expectations” .


I have infact seen the people relish these dosas and there is one thing you are assured at this place- a full tummy and a lovely taste in the mouth. Kudos to Mylari, I do have an answer now for the question as to where we get the best dosa in Mysore.


Pepe’s restaurant review Mysore

It has probably been two years since I visited this place and I was pleasantly surprised to see the place still running at the same place in saraswathipuram. The café/ restaurant/ hang out is located in a calm area, parallel to the swimming pool road and has a nice setting. The ambience is pretty nice, it is quiet and looks like a very good place to grab a cup of coffee and a newspaper. It sort of gives the authentic feeling of Mysore whenever I do the coffee and the newspaper bit.


However a lot has changed in the past 2 years about the restaurant. It was a beauty when this place opened up. It was known for its crispy veg and of course the hot beverages. Coffee as usual was at its divine best and the crunchiness of the vegetables did add to the beauty of it.


Two years later I meet a friend at this place. First up, there is a person in the front desk who does not understand Kannada/Hindi/English. With difficulty and sign language I try to tell him that I want a coffee want to enquire if there are any chat items available. The response was far from impressive and I did not get any answer. Thankfully someone came along to take the order and the order of a coffee and a crispy veg was made. 25 mins went by and there was still nothing on the table. After repeated pestering, I was given the coffee and it tasted real bad. There is something about a hotel which does not serve good coffee. I am somehow enraged when someone screws up a coffee and I was actually being a little polite hoping that the crispy veg would come out as a decent alternative. It didn’t! The vegetables were put in from the fryer on the plate, we could actually see the oil droplets on it. Perhaps the only factor about the crispy veg was that it was crispy. Beyond the oil, I was not able to taste the vegetable inside. It brought back some memories when I had an onion pakoda here and it had blown me away. But this time 2/2 dishes were very bad. Then came the last one- cold coffee. The max we could have was a sip and we decide to leave. When I pay the bill, half of my hot coffee, ¾ of the crispy veg and the entire cold coffee is lying on the table and we walked out.


My experience- very shabby. I would not suggest most of my friends to check this place. I sincerely hope there is a change of management or a change of the crew there or maybe some better training. It simply seems like a business on a downhill if it continues like this. I know that I had started the Mysore hang outs as a thought to share the good places to visit. But I guess the knowledge of good places comes with the places we need to avoid and this particularly is a place to seriously avoid. Except the setting, nothing really pleases the palate. Imagine, if someone can screw up all 3 dishes we order and coffee is 2 out of that, I don’t think it would qualify as a good place to eat. It is better to make a different choice.


Thinking of it as a spot for break up? Well think again, this might be one food you might be tempted to waste, your gal may not mind throwing it right back at you 😛

Restaurant review, Empire Hotel Buffet, Mysore

Buffets are always quite an inviting way for the luncheons! I am foodie and I am downright straight with that. I wouldn’t really comment on the live to eat or the eat to live concept but I would surely take sides with the good food 😉 . On another rampage today, we decide to check out the buffet at the Empire hotel, road parallel to the KD road Mysore.

The setting is pretty decent. The  usual normal settings with the widely spaced tables, sober arrangement and nothing too flashy which would make it ideal for the lunch.

Resorts are any way the most ideal places for dinners and a late evening party. The lunches seem to rule these places in the busy areas. Coming to the food, the Empire hotel is known for its non veg, and the most famous dish of theirs is the kababs which surely lived up to their fame. I wish we had gone there earlier cos we would have had hotter food to relish. Along with this, they serve the pepper chicken as a starter. Believe me, if you are a veggie, you seriously should consider thinking twice taking a buffet here.  For starers, there is no starter here and other reasons I will just pile them on 😉
The chicken Biryani too was pretty decent and of course without the chicken pieces. For the lovers of meat, butter chicken would definitely serve the purpose. The coin parotas were pretty great, they maintained the crunch and the delicacy which made the gravy a perfect match. They might have been a little thicker than the normal size but still not much to complain about that. The other roti was simply bad, it was too rubbery and the taste too wasn’t that impressive. The other veg aloo gravy was also quite ok, I didn’t try the other ones though. I am pretty sure they might not have screwed up the dal! Well that is the shiny part of the buffet and the lunch.

There were still a few things I was not very happy about. The best part of the buffet- the kababs had a limit on them. It was 2 pieces per a ticket which was a little annoying. The pepper chicken was okish but I guess there was a tinge of pepper which was a little too much on it and it actually did hurt the palate a little. The beverage was a little warm and I could not get a replacement on those and again there was no choice on the beverage. We were stuck with a pepsi bottle and frankly I am not a big fan of that. Coming to another annoying bit, each person was given a single plate to cope with. For instance when I went in to take a different plate, he clearly mentioned that it was only one plate per person which is a little annoying cos I have never seen any other restaurant do that. It was downright annoying.

One thing I absolutely love about any buffet is the salad and the dessert. They somehow maintain pretty good standards with those. But again I was a little disappointed here, cos there was no salad to start with. And with non veg spicy food, not having salad is tad annoying. And the bigger complaint I have is that the dessert had hot Payasam! My friends did say it was tasty but somehow I don’t seem to appreciate the idea of a hot dessert following a spicy meal! Where did all the ice cream go?! Well that was just me questioning, the others didn’t seem to have many complaints enjoying the food.

But I would still think twice before I would want to treat someone for a buffet here. The cost 150 Rs may be a decent one but a little more price and better food would have made me a little more satisfied and a little less whiny 😀 …