Tipu, The Sword and The Beer


Does the title seem to make any sense at all?


It certainly did help us connect the dots to the story.. The story is at








6 thoughts on “Tipu, The Sword and The Beer

  1. Yes, a lot more can happen over beer 🙂 Cool post, Vinay.

    This Green Hotel is an interesting place too, right? There are no TVs and AC and all that? Or is that a thing of the past?
    I stayed in the hostel that’s adjacent to Premier Studio. You brought back memories. 🙂

    • Thanks Nambair..

      Yea I love the green hotel for its lovely ambience. The entire outdoor setting is quite brilliant. I should do an article on the green hotel soon 🙂 .. Oh howda? I have never stayed in there, didn’t know about the no TV or AC part.. Interesting..

      Oh really? lovely! which hostel? I had a few friends staying the premier studio hostel, quite a lovely place 🙂

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