Bourne Legacy- To watch or not to: That is the question!! :D


And so the Bourne series continues! I was watching the earlier 3 movies and every time I see the series the one word which constantly came out- BRILLIANT! But the 4th movie leaves a lot wanting. My first word when I came out of the movie- ‘Disappointing’. It is not something which a Bourne fan would want to be presented with.

The movie starts off on a very slow note; the first half makes you tear yourself apart! I was waiting for the movie to make some sense till I realized the entire movie is about the blue and green pills and has a small connection to the Treadstone or the Blackbriar. I was literally waiting for the action to start and it was presented only during the last 10 mins of the movie. The chase sequences in this movie are in no way comparable to the earlier ones. It fails on a lot of the standards established by the earlier movies. There was so much they could have done with the bike chase but in the end it leaves the spectator wanting.

The movie never says what happens to Bourne. Though there is a slight indication in the end that the actress falls in love with the lead, it still doesn’t convince the viewer much. To be very honest the first half is painfully slow. It literally put me to sleep and we were actually waiting for the interval! There is a small hint of action during the early second half but again that is very small and not upto the standards of a Bourne movie.


Frankly I am very disappointed with the movie; I wouldn’t be recommending this movie to anyone. The rating would be less than 2.5 over 5. Of course the snowy landscape is a great view and the camera work with that is nice. But that doesn’t really make up to the whole 2 hrs we spend there waiting for something to happen which eventually doesn’t! And every scene of the movie, it makes me miss Matt Damon. There simply can’t be a Bourne movie without him!

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift : movie review

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift : movie review



Fox Animation provides another brilliant addition to the sequel in the name of Ice Age 4 Continental Drift. For the previous viewers of the Ice Age, this movie offers you what all you can ask from it. There is the cuteness of a cartoon movie, the wit combined with a light sense of humour which is so lovely to keep the movie lively all along, the sweetness of the romanticism, the valour for the true sense of belongingness, the sensibility of a lovely herd.  The saber – Deigo which was alone for a while now finds a partner. So I am imagining the next sequel they make, they may have something in it for Sid.


The movie in itself is a brilliant watch. Cartoon lovers would love the animation in this, it keeps up all the promises it makes for the movie. The introductory scene itself is a brilliant move, the continental drift is shown is such a witty and a humorous way, that very scene got me hooked on to the movie. From then on it was a smooth sailing, the movie gives the witty punches in the right places and the times, the 3D view is brilliant. It certainly is worth watching a cartoon movie in 3D, it enhances the viewing experience to a whole new level, thanks to Tin Tin for introducing us to the 3D in animation.


The movie revolves around the plot of the continental drift, how the planets split and what happens to the ice. The mammoth Manny is separated from the family and the quest is about Manny getting back to his family. En route, the saber Deigo meets his love who later goes on to join the herd. A new villain is introduced and the concept of a pirate ship is brought out beautifully. The whole setting is brilliant, the screenplay, choreography, all come together to make the viewing experience a very enjoyable one. The movie holds us together for the whole two hours. The entertainment factor is definitely guaranteed. The theatre was almost full at about 2 in the noon on a weekday. So it does manage to draw the crowd consistently.


The movie is cute, sweet and a delight : kids would love it and so would the romantics. It certainly is a good watch. I would rate it atleast a 4 on 5. For the choice of movies this week, I would certainly say this one is a must watch.

A good review which definitely inspires me to watch this movie very soon 🙂

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It seems like today whenever people watch a movie they are looking for some kind of deeper meaning.  What does this film say about morality? How does this movie make me re-evaluate who I am as a person? Although it is great when movies provide insightful ideas about the human condition, there is a lot to be said for movies that are just downright fun.  It may not be a movie that is very thought provoking, but Madagascar 3 is the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a long time.

After leaving Africa and going to Monte-Carlo, the gang of four unlikely animals and their friends join a traveling circus in an attempt to return to New York and escape the evil animal control officer, Chantal Dubois.  The usual all-star cast is back, featuring Ben Stiller and the always-funny Chris Rock, along with some new additions including Bryan…

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Spidy in 3D- The amazing spiderman movie review

Spidy in 3D

The movie amazing spiderman was a much awaited one and the trailers were quite interesting too, interesting enough to drive us to the movie within the first week of the release. You gotta love the concept of a web slinging hero in 3D and true the 3D effects do make it quite enjoyable an experience.

Making a movie on a known concept, especially when there are already 3 movies in the same and all the 3 making it big on the screens, I must say it was a pretty hard competition for the crew of this movie to come into the market. It so happens that we always tend to compare it to the previous movies and in this case too, we did find ourselves comparing it with the previous versions of spidy where Toby does entertain us as a great spidy.

The movie starts off in the same lines as the first spidy movie, it all starts with a spider bite! In the first part, it was a radioactive one, in this one it was a cross genetic species. But it starts on the same lines of the light humour in the reactions after the spider bite and how the actor copes with the change. The Amazing spiderman shows him as a very strong character as compared to our previous hero who had his own little weaknesses. But we still did love our Toby and he did a great deal of justice to the part. And the villains too were quite inspiring.

This movie presents a tall lanky actor in the lead role- Andrew Garfield and unfortunately for a huge spidy fan like me, I never for once was convinced in him enacting the spidy role. Everytime I saw him the only thing I could feel was that he was such a perfect vampire, why did they turn him into a super hero?! It did fail to have the expected impact on me with him as the lead actor. However the good stuff is still there, they present the dad in this movie, his death and the whole story there is a strong connection as to what happens where. It is good to see an Indian face in the crew and unlike Anil kapoor in MI4, Irfaan Khandoes a good deal of justice to the part. It is nice to see him on the Hollywood screen and he sure is one actor who deserves to be there. I was smitten by the actress – Emma Stone when I saw the trailers but the same in the movie was not that inspiring after all.

The way Andrew Garfield stumbles into his suit is hurried into, I would have loved a little bit of a delay in this one. This actually always is the fun part of discovering the super powers, whereas in this movie, all of this happens in a duration as small as a song. And the way he starts treating it as a responsibility to have power is in the same lines of the original movie but any dialogue they place, nothing beats “ With great power comes great responsibility! “ . The plot does take a different turn with a genetically modified villain who goes on a quest to convert an entire world into his species which is quite believable with the way he has taken through.

However I still have some open questions in the movie
1) What happens to Irfaan Khan? They show a spat between him and the super villain and I guess we have to assume his death.

2) How does spidy’s father die?

3) Above all why choose a vampire and a ghostly looking pale actor for the part of spiderman?! We still loved Toby!

It is quite a decent watch I would say, but it still is far behind all the three parts which had come earlier. The last minute of the movie shows some excellent 3D effects but apart from that it wasn’t anything extraordinary. And from all the reviews I had read that it was a brilliant 3D effect, I could see that only in the last minute. I wish they added a little more of that for the rest of the movie as well. I would still rate 3D effects of Tin Tin above this. Infact I believe spidy part 3 had a better effect with the sandman as villain and a brilliant camera work with that. I would definitely prefer watching the old 2D spidy over the new one.

Coming to the open question – Does the amazing spiderman really amaze us? NO!


EOD I would not rate the movie more that 3.5 and I am being a little generous here. It surely is not a must watch. It is quite a simple movie, just ranging above average and a decent time pass type. But I guess it sure is a better pick of the choices we have for this week.

Prometheus Movie review..

Prometheus movie review- rating 2.5

It had been a while since I visited the cinemas for a movie. After a drought of about 2 months I finally get to Prometheus movie. I am a movie buff to a certain extent and I did read a couple of reviews before getting to the movie and I must say, I really was surprised and definitely not very pleasantly.

The movie starts on a very delicate premise on a quest of an old man trying to find a way to restore his life. He gets along with him a crew and on a promise of a distant planet which has the same life form as the earth. Later on, the movie haplessly tries to convince us that the life form on earth is derived from the life form of the planet- some xyz planet and the beings here are the derivatives and they being  a stronger species humans supposedly can benefit from those.

Speaking of the very theme, the movie revolves around the incredible flow of events; there is hardly any point of time where the crew convinces the viewer to its stand point. It becomes very hard to relate to the movie. I don’t know if it is running too fast cos I was looking at my watch very intently hoping that the movie would end soon. It felt as though they were rushing to the concept at one end and at the other end they were brushing away the vitals which may keep us focused on the movie. It looks like an effort gone in a confused manner. The graphics are pretty decent; I still however do not understand the craze of making every movie a 3D movie. Just cos we have a technology does not mean that we use it to show every little thing.  When 3D came out with Avatar or Tin Tin, it was something else, something of essence and 3D actually beautified the experience of viewing. However what the Prometheus movie did was extend the graphic and the gross images on to the 3D front. It was like trying to enhance the viewing experience of something we would loathe to see.

All in all, the movie failed to impress me on many fronts. The story and the flow were totally out of sync. The story was still something and it was not to the level of an alien movie which we would normally expect out of a Hollywood cinema. The technology they show is pretty decent, they try to bring in the sense of heroism, the words of spirit but it doesn’t inspire the viewer one bit. It is as though things are being brought at random and very sporadically. There are not many complaints about the music. I would love to refer to one scene where we hear the sound of waterfalls and it feels as though it is next to us. The computers and the gadgets shown are pretty neat and again not many complaints about the acting. My blame would squarely lie on the director and the screenplay. They fail to create the necessary impact.

I would not suggest this movie as a watch. It was equally competitive to the bad movies this year. This movie fails to involve the viewer at every level. If I were to rate this movie, I would not rate it any more than 2.5 and trust me, I am being a lot liberal here.  There are good choices available. Madagascar seems a little promising for a movie and so does Shanghai– Hindi. Well pick a spot and pick a movie and if you were to go by my suggestion, you would be better off avoiding this one.