Best Burgers Mysore: Restaurant/ eat out review Downtown Burgers!

Quick question to the foodies in Mysore. Do you know where the best burger joint is in Mysore? Another quick question, do you think, a small burger place with a menu not more than a page can survive for more than 5 years without offering too much of a choice on the menu? Well you got it right! I am talking about the Downtown burger joint.

Located in the Kalidasa road and very close to the Mahajana’s college, the burger joint comes as a good respite from the traditional food we are used to. We got to know about the place about 5 years ago. It was the age of the booming coffee days and the KFC was still a distant dream. McD still seems to a distant one for Mysore. But for burgers, perhaps we don’t need them yet. As far as I can see, Downtown is doing a great job with them.

The burgers are possibly the best I have had till now and this best is amongst the burgers I have ever tasted anywhere. The burger comes with a healthy filling of a Mayo. Long live Mayo! The brilliant taste it adds to the pieces of bread it is jelled to and the filling of the burgers or even the rolls here make it simply irresistible. As the Mayo melts in our mouth, we can feel the vegetables or for the chicken lovers, the well cooked and perfectly seasoned chicken which enrich the taste of the burger. The rolls too are quite delicious. I have been a regular visitor of this place from a long time and never for once have I been disappointed with the taste here nor the environment.


The place still seems surprisingly small for a place which produces burgers like these. We have heard many ads that have said ‘finger licking good’. Now I know what they actually mean by it. There were four of us eating today and none of us was willing to spare a single shred of the rolls nor a single drop of Mayo on the plate. The food sure dances on your palate and as Manu would say, “the food deserves all the silence in the world when eating it”. And surprisingly I was looking around when the food arrived and trust me, not even one person seemed to be talking. Time seemed a little motionless and for a moment I remember Eintstein’s theory of relativity.  I wonder how the philosophical aspect of relativity would become so clear when there is a food on your plate you would absolutely love to die for! And Manu was right, the food did deserve all the silence in the world. Neither one of us dared to speak and we could see the expressions on our faces. It sure was worth a picture.


The story of the best burger in Mysore ends here and so does the search for the best burger/chicken rolls too. Happy eating guys 🙂


28 thoughts on “Best Burgers Mysore: Restaurant/ eat out review Downtown Burgers!

  1. The downtown bergur joint seems to be a nice place. I can’t deny that I love a good bergur…but I officially excluded it from my menu plans about 3 years ago. I had to lose weight. However, I do get cravings sometimes when I see someone else eating one. But I deal with it ok.

    • 3 years?? Thats quite a resolution! Great going Carolyn! I’m quite lax when it comes to the resolutions! Would be great if I manage to make stronger ones like yours 🙂

  2. If the review would have come a couple of months earlier I would have visited it..I was in Mysore on the 13th and 15th of May..Anyways I loved ur place and the food too..Next time will surely visit it..Burgers are my dotty’s favs..

    • Ohh U were in Mysore? My bad! Well thanks for the view on the post! Do lemme know the next time u plan to come to Mysore, there are a few places U might wanna try out here 🙂

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