Best place for dosa in Mysore… MYLARI :)

For people coming in to Mysore, there is one question that has always been a common one, where do we get the best dosa in Mysore. In Davangere, the answer is a little more simpler and it is undoubtedly the Davangere Benne Dosa and I believe it was the sagar restaurant we checked out there and it was pretty amazing.

Coming to Mysore, I found myself asking this question when my friend asked me where I would find the best dosa in Mysore. My mind was revolving around a lot of places, the Siddhartha hotel we were close to, Sandesh the prince and much more of the classier places where you pay for the ambience than the food. Thanks to me, I was entertaining a foodie today and that’s one best part of being a foodie, we don’t care too much about the ambience as long as it is tolerable but the food has to be brilliant. And I call up Vinay Parameshwarappa, who better to give a glimpse of Mysore than the very own true guide? 😉 and the answer came almost immediate- Mylari dosa!

We did wait a while for the hotel to open. I was in particular starving and it was way beyond the lunch time. They are open from around 7:30 to 11 odd and then from 4. The time was about 3 and I was still starving wondering whether it was worth the wait. And trust me, it was worth the wait. We have all been treated with the normal crispy dosas everywhere and for me I had been so attuned to those that I felt that the real dosas were the crispy ones with the masala inside them and a very thin crust. But a little thick and a porous dosa today opened my eyes to an actual reality. Infact this beats any dosa I have had anywhere till now and in fact this is the BEST dosa I have ever had. The chutney we get is a coconut one without the normal too much of chilly. We can actually feel the coconut in the chutney and it is brilliant indeed. This followed with a sabji that is equally fantastic. Normally with a dosa we would expect the potato to go with it but thankfully there was no potato here. It looked like another chutney but way too brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! The onion with that masala on top of that dosa makes my mouth water even now when I remember that.

Now a point to note is that there is more than one Mylari in Mysore. And this one is named “Original Mylari restaurant” and I would believe there is a lot authentic and original about that! This one is in 769 Nazarbad Main Rd, Mysore, India. There is another in kuvempunagar and I have been there too but the food here outclasses the other one any day. I simply have fallen in love with the dosas here. I wish the place were a little bigger but again, people from various nationalities have loved it here, I should be the last one to complain cos we still get an awesome food and pretty much anyone would not have a difficulty affording it. As Vinay would say- “We have had people have the dosa from various nationalities now and this restaurant boasts of serving them and it is all true. They have lived up to the expectations and infact beyond the expectations” .


I have infact seen the people relish these dosas and there is one thing you are assured at this place- a full tummy and a lovely taste in the mouth. Kudos to Mylari, I do have an answer now for the question as to where we get the best dosa in Mysore.


4 thoughts on “Best place for dosa in Mysore… MYLARI :)

  1. sandeep says:

    the one which u mentioned here is real mylari..Well for ppl who want to try dosa you can try in gtr.Also best dosa i have had is near agrahara near 101 ganapathi temple where they make diffrent variety of dosas try once u will never regret

    • Yea yea the original one and they named it the same too 🙂 .. I tried the GTR but the Mylari beats it hand down.. I will try the one near Agrahara soon. Thanks for the tip Sandeep 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip and i’m noting in down in my diary lest i forget. Making my mouth water…i guess i’ll have to run to Sarvana Bhavan now. Although it may not serve the best but i’m sure at the moment it would feel like the meal of a lifetime. 🙂

    • Awesome ! That’s the best compliment the article could’ve gotten 🙂 .. But yea when you do come to Mysore, you must try the Mylari . I am sure it’s something you’ll absolutely love 🙂

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