Pepe’s restaurant review Mysore

It has probably been two years since I visited this place and I was pleasantly surprised to see the place still running at the same place in saraswathipuram. The café/ restaurant/ hang out is located in a calm area, parallel to the swimming pool road and has a nice setting. The ambience is pretty nice, it is quiet and looks like a very good place to grab a cup of coffee and a newspaper. It sort of gives the authentic feeling of Mysore whenever I do the coffee and the newspaper bit.


However a lot has changed in the past 2 years about the restaurant. It was a beauty when this place opened up. It was known for its crispy veg and of course the hot beverages. Coffee as usual was at its divine best and the crunchiness of the vegetables did add to the beauty of it.


Two years later I meet a friend at this place. First up, there is a person in the front desk who does not understand Kannada/Hindi/English. With difficulty and sign language I try to tell him that I want a coffee want to enquire if there are any chat items available. The response was far from impressive and I did not get any answer. Thankfully someone came along to take the order and the order of a coffee and a crispy veg was made. 25 mins went by and there was still nothing on the table. After repeated pestering, I was given the coffee and it tasted real bad. There is something about a hotel which does not serve good coffee. I am somehow enraged when someone screws up a coffee and I was actually being a little polite hoping that the crispy veg would come out as a decent alternative. It didn’t! The vegetables were put in from the fryer on the plate, we could actually see the oil droplets on it. Perhaps the only factor about the crispy veg was that it was crispy. Beyond the oil, I was not able to taste the vegetable inside. It brought back some memories when I had an onion pakoda here and it had blown me away. But this time 2/2 dishes were very bad. Then came the last one- cold coffee. The max we could have was a sip and we decide to leave. When I pay the bill, half of my hot coffee, ¾ of the crispy veg and the entire cold coffee is lying on the table and we walked out.


My experience- very shabby. I would not suggest most of my friends to check this place. I sincerely hope there is a change of management or a change of the crew there or maybe some better training. It simply seems like a business on a downhill if it continues like this. I know that I had started the Mysore hang outs as a thought to share the good places to visit. But I guess the knowledge of good places comes with the places we need to avoid and this particularly is a place to seriously avoid. Except the setting, nothing really pleases the palate. Imagine, if someone can screw up all 3 dishes we order and coffee is 2 out of that, I don’t think it would qualify as a good place to eat. It is better to make a different choice.


Thinking of it as a spot for break up? Well think again, this might be one food you might be tempted to waste, your gal may not mind throwing it right back at you 😛


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