Restaurant review, Empire Hotel Buffet, Mysore

Buffets are always quite an inviting way for the luncheons! I am foodie and I am downright straight with that. I wouldn’t really comment on the live to eat or the eat to live concept but I would surely take sides with the good food 😉 . On another rampage today, we decide to check out the buffet at the Empire hotel, road parallel to the KD road Mysore.

The setting is pretty decent. The  usual normal settings with the widely spaced tables, sober arrangement and nothing too flashy which would make it ideal for the lunch.

Resorts are any way the most ideal places for dinners and a late evening party. The lunches seem to rule these places in the busy areas. Coming to the food, the Empire hotel is known for its non veg, and the most famous dish of theirs is the kababs which surely lived up to their fame. I wish we had gone there earlier cos we would have had hotter food to relish. Along with this, they serve the pepper chicken as a starter. Believe me, if you are a veggie, you seriously should consider thinking twice taking a buffet here.  For starers, there is no starter here and other reasons I will just pile them on 😉
The chicken Biryani too was pretty decent and of course without the chicken pieces. For the lovers of meat, butter chicken would definitely serve the purpose. The coin parotas were pretty great, they maintained the crunch and the delicacy which made the gravy a perfect match. They might have been a little thicker than the normal size but still not much to complain about that. The other roti was simply bad, it was too rubbery and the taste too wasn’t that impressive. The other veg aloo gravy was also quite ok, I didn’t try the other ones though. I am pretty sure they might not have screwed up the dal! Well that is the shiny part of the buffet and the lunch.

There were still a few things I was not very happy about. The best part of the buffet- the kababs had a limit on them. It was 2 pieces per a ticket which was a little annoying. The pepper chicken was okish but I guess there was a tinge of pepper which was a little too much on it and it actually did hurt the palate a little. The beverage was a little warm and I could not get a replacement on those and again there was no choice on the beverage. We were stuck with a pepsi bottle and frankly I am not a big fan of that. Coming to another annoying bit, each person was given a single plate to cope with. For instance when I went in to take a different plate, he clearly mentioned that it was only one plate per person which is a little annoying cos I have never seen any other restaurant do that. It was downright annoying.

One thing I absolutely love about any buffet is the salad and the dessert. They somehow maintain pretty good standards with those. But again I was a little disappointed here, cos there was no salad to start with. And with non veg spicy food, not having salad is tad annoying. And the bigger complaint I have is that the dessert had hot Payasam! My friends did say it was tasty but somehow I don’t seem to appreciate the idea of a hot dessert following a spicy meal! Where did all the ice cream go?! Well that was just me questioning, the others didn’t seem to have many complaints enjoying the food.

But I would still think twice before I would want to treat someone for a buffet here. The cost 150 Rs may be a decent one but a little more price and better food would have made me a little more satisfied and a little less whiny 😀 …





11 thoughts on “Restaurant review, Empire Hotel Buffet, Mysore

    • 🙂 . Well U could try out their service, the special dishes seemed quite good.. I wouldn’t suggest buffet as the best choice here thou..

  1. Vinay, is this part of the Empire chain that has restaurants in Bangalore?

    Hmm…this place sure looks like they have some Yum stuff. And it’s near KD road, eh. So that place called some ‘Leaf’ has some competition now. 🙂

    Hey, have you tried out the cold coffee in Kool Corner (near JSS Dental college). If not, that’s something you should check out.

    • sandeep says:

      yes cool corner juices and cold coffee is one of best in Mysore..Unforgettable golden days :)well i don’t really think green leaf has competition because green leaf is pure veg and Empire is More famous for non-veg

    • Nambiar, I think it is a chain of the Blr restaurant.. They must have a franchise here is Mysore..

      I’d side with Sandeep here, with green leaf offering only veg, Empire has a greater chance, but having said that Green leaf sure manages the most visitors even with so many restaurants around..

    • I havent checked out the cool corner there.. Speaking of cold coffee, I am yet to write one article about our very favourite Yampa at JCE campus.. But I will make sure I will check out the kool corner when i am near the JSS campus.. 🙂

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