Restaurant review: Deja Vu, Kalidasa Road, Mysore

The famous kalidasa road plays host to yet another budding restaurant in the name “Déjà vu”. Well I had the same question, why the name déjà vu for a restaurant? I still don’t get the answer, it does sound good though but I still am not sure as to why! 😀


Well as usual our lunch escapades took us to a new restaurant on the recommendation of Radha. I loved the setting, it gives the feeling of a plush, classy restaurant very well arranged tables, the silver ware, furniture, …….

No wonder it breathes newness in most of the arrangements there. I even loved their menu which is a certain thick cardboard. One thing very clear about the restaurant was that they sure have spent a lot of money on setting up the place and I would say they have done a pretty decent job with that.


Before starting the review on it, I would like to make a quick apology to Sandeep cos I am gonna write about the non veg again 😉 . The menu shows a wide range of selection of the dishes, it ranged from the variety of cuisines to the variety of the dishes in the cuisines we are familiar with. It does show a variety on the veg front too, but I would prefer to stick to my strength here 😉

The initial order started with the fire wings. We would naturally draw a parallel between that and the KFC chicken wings, but I certainly loved the sauce they offer here. It is a mild pepper sauce with the sweetness of tomato and the lovely masala flavour just inviting us to devour the food. The other starter which accompanied this was the crispy chicken balls which had their own part to play on the palate and the plate. I loved it for the crispiness and with the Mayo everything seems just about right. This too was a beautiful dish. The main course went into an order of biryani which again was a nice one, a little different from the traditional ones we get at the kafe Biryani corner or the other ones in Mysore. The roasted thin onion rings added a lot to the flavour and the cooking style I believe was a little North Indian but definitely added a good flavour to the palate. The pinacolada was a nice mocktail to the beverage list and the lime soda did help us with the gulping down of a spicy non veg dish in the name of fire wings!


However, I think the winner of the day was certainly the fire wings!

I must say I was mighty impressed with the food choices they have there, it provides a multi cuisine with the Mexican, Italian, American , ………………….



Well I think a perfect meal is a little bit of an illusion and turns out I always have a little something to complain on in any place I visit. The egg mayonnaise salad which we ordered turned out to be a little disappointing, but that probably was cos we had set the bar a little high for this restaurant. And the last time my friend visited here, this was supposedly the best dish of the day then. But I guess everyone has a little bit of a dull day, of the foods we had, I was still very happy with the selection and the dining experience there. Very well maintained, the food is pretty great and the ambience is something we can’t complain about. Although it is not the romantic setting which a couple would hope for, but for a person interested in food just as a foodie or for a gang, it certainly is a great place. For the couple too, if they are keen on the good food, nothing should be stopping you from trying out here. The prices though are a little bit on the expensive side but for the food they offer, I wouldn’t be the one who would have many complaints here.



11th Cross, Anjana Complex,

Kalidasa Road,

Telephone 0821 4242152



17 thoughts on “Restaurant review: Deja Vu, Kalidasa Road, Mysore

  1. So, all in all it turned out to be a good outing for you guys and your stomachs as well 🙂
    The review sounds good for anyone who wants to try out good non-veg (veg is another ball game :p) food 😀

    • Thanks Jay 🙂 .. Yea we sure had a good time and good food.. As long as the stomach is happy, we are happy people 🙂 ..

      Gee I should write about a veg one soon. There has been too much of non veg on my posts 😀

    • Thank you for the visit and the interest on the post Naveen.. It sure is a good place and if U are a foodie, I am pretty sure you will like it 🙂

  2. Thanks doc 🙂 .. And the food was equally good. I am quite sure you too are a great foodie, you’d love the place..

    My warmest welcome to muktamanassu Roshan.. Thank you ::)

  3. first let me thank you for following my blog..being a condominium cat in nashville tennessee..i am completely awed when someone..halfway around the world..chooses to follow. reading the deja vu review and seeing the pictures makes me think i may have been born in the wrong place..i am drooling on the keyboard. and crispy chicken balls..well you can bet with my perverted sense of humor..i am finding a place for that in the blog. thanks again, lilly

    • Thanks so much Lily. It simply is fantastic how the blogs connect interests. So glad for the reply on the post!

      Ha ha.. Well if you are a fan of spices, I would endorse your statement, it sure is a land of spices here and the food too is quite a delight 🙂

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