Bourne Legacy- To watch or not to: That is the question!! :D


And so the Bourne series continues! I was watching the earlier 3 movies and every time I see the series the one word which constantly came out- BRILLIANT! But the 4th movie leaves a lot wanting. My first word when I came out of the movie- ‘Disappointing’. It is not something which a Bourne fan would want to be presented with.

The movie starts off on a very slow note; the first half makes you tear yourself apart! I was waiting for the movie to make some sense till I realized the entire movie is about the blue and green pills and has a small connection to the Treadstone or the Blackbriar. I was literally waiting for the action to start and it was presented only during the last 10 mins of the movie. The chase sequences in this movie are in no way comparable to the earlier ones. It fails on a lot of the standards established by the earlier movies. There was so much they could have done with the bike chase but in the end it leaves the spectator wanting.

The movie never says what happens to Bourne. Though there is a slight indication in the end that the actress falls in love with the lead, it still doesn’t convince the viewer much. To be very honest the first half is painfully slow. It literally put me to sleep and we were actually waiting for the interval! There is a small hint of action during the early second half but again that is very small and not upto the standards of a Bourne movie.


Frankly I am very disappointed with the movie; I wouldn’t be recommending this movie to anyone. The rating would be less than 2.5 over 5. Of course the snowy landscape is a great view and the camera work with that is nice. But that doesn’t really make up to the whole 2 hrs we spend there waiting for something to happen which eventually doesn’t! And every scene of the movie, it makes me miss Matt Damon. There simply can’t be a Bourne movie without him!


24 thoughts on “Bourne Legacy- To watch or not to: That is the question!! :D

    • Meme, the first three movies are quite extraordinary.. They certainly make in the top list of My best movies.. I am yet to read the books thou! 😀

  1. I never go to theater movies, but if they appear on the late night movie I just might see one.

    Oh……forgot I never stay up for the late night movie. 😦 Have to stick to the books I guess.

    • Well you have the best way of keeping yourselves entertained.. What better than the books 🙂 ..

      But the first three movies are quite a lovely watch. Maybe you can rent a copy, they sure set standards for a movie experience

  2. Oh no! I love the Bourne series and was really hoping it would continue to be awesome (especially since this movie was supposed to be how the author intended the movies to go… or whatever)… what a shame to hear it was so slow. =( I absolutely loved the first 3!

    • It was bad Cassy.. Very bad movie.. I too had loved the earlier parts. I was hoping that there was a wow factor somewhere. But alas the movie never gave me one.. And Matt Damon’s absence is very clearly seen.. Probably good tat he didnt act on this one.. No bad movie to his name 😉

      • Yeah… which sucks because I do like the actor that stars in the newer Bourne movie too. He is afterall Hawkeye from The Avengers. So that’s kinda devastating. :/ Matt Damon was just an amazing Bourne. He kicked butt.

      • Yea he looks neat, but somehow with the role it all seemed out of place.. Matt was missed in almost every scene till the end.. He was best suited ..

  3. Hi. Good review considering you gave the move only an average rating. I don’t think I will be watching it though. Of course my not watching it has nothing to do with other people who may want to. I don’t go to the movies much but I saw a couple of good movie previews on TV that seemed to be interesting. Don’t know what will happen there.

    • Thanks Carolyn.. Its a poorly made movie.. I went in hoping that it would match the standards of the other 3 parts.. But this one was nowhere close.. Very disappointing feeling..

  4. Oh I was really looking forward to seeing this – I think that Jeremy Renner is such a fantastic actor. I too loved the first three films, though I only watched them all in their entirety quite recently (in anticipation for the next film!!).
    But I will still go watch it with an open mind and let you know my thoughts 🙂

    • Sorry to disappoint you with the review Heather. Jeremy Runner is quite great with the earlier movies. Even in this one, he has done justice for the part. He’s one chap with some real talent. Sad that it was not brought out in the movie. I am all blames for the director!

      I would be looking forward for your thoughts on the movie.

  5. meowpurrs says:

    Just the review i wanted to see but not the average rating 😦
    I loved all the three previous Bourne movies and especially wanted to see this one as this lead looks nice (was also in MI4)… Will still watch it, might not expect much thought…

    • Yea he has got the looks and no complaints about his acting too. It is the director I am a lil mad at. He took such a brand like Bourne and gave a movie like this.. Maybe I am a little unforgiving, but the earlier 3 movies had set the bar so high.. This one seems way behind the actual movie experience..

  6. Hi Vinay

    I have not seen even one movie in this series but I have heard a lot about Matt Damon;s performance. The books are very good. Think have read one or two in the series.

    • Oh nice. I picked up the books but realize somehow I am always falling behind the 800 pg deal! But books are certainly a far richer experience when compared to the movies..

      But yea wrt Matt, I think the crew has done the movies very well.. Worth a watch..

  7. Rajeshwari Kattepur says:

    agree ! it’s disappointing … it was slow for a sci-fi genre … i’ve been disappointed with all these series kind of movies : dark knight rises, amazing spiderman, total recall and now this …

    • Spidy was a let down. But somehow I loved the Dark Knight rises, I still rate it the best this year I have seen.. But Bourne was very disappointing.. 😦 .. I had a lot of expectations on this.

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