Ice Age 4 Continental Drift : movie review

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift : movie review



Fox Animation provides another brilliant addition to the sequel in the name of Ice Age 4 Continental Drift. For the previous viewers of the Ice Age, this movie offers you what all you can ask from it. There is the cuteness of a cartoon movie, the wit combined with a light sense of humour which is so lovely to keep the movie lively all along, the sweetness of the romanticism, the valour for the true sense of belongingness, the sensibility of a lovely herd.  The saber – Deigo which was alone for a while now finds a partner. So I am imagining the next sequel they make, they may have something in it for Sid.


The movie in itself is a brilliant watch. Cartoon lovers would love the animation in this, it keeps up all the promises it makes for the movie. The introductory scene itself is a brilliant move, the continental drift is shown is such a witty and a humorous way, that very scene got me hooked on to the movie. From then on it was a smooth sailing, the movie gives the witty punches in the right places and the times, the 3D view is brilliant. It certainly is worth watching a cartoon movie in 3D, it enhances the viewing experience to a whole new level, thanks to Tin Tin for introducing us to the 3D in animation.


The movie revolves around the plot of the continental drift, how the planets split and what happens to the ice. The mammoth Manny is separated from the family and the quest is about Manny getting back to his family. En route, the saber Deigo meets his love who later goes on to join the herd. A new villain is introduced and the concept of a pirate ship is brought out beautifully. The whole setting is brilliant, the screenplay, choreography, all come together to make the viewing experience a very enjoyable one. The movie holds us together for the whole two hours. The entertainment factor is definitely guaranteed. The theatre was almost full at about 2 in the noon on a weekday. So it does manage to draw the crowd consistently.


The movie is cute, sweet and a delight : kids would love it and so would the romantics. It certainly is a good watch. I would rate it atleast a 4 on 5. For the choice of movies this week, I would certainly say this one is a must watch.


28 thoughts on “Ice Age 4 Continental Drift : movie review

    • Ha ha.. I always found the squirrel a very nice innovation. its somewhat a story teller in this one as well. In fact wasn’t he the one who started the whole continental drift? All hail the squirrel 😉

  1. Booooooooooooooo I haven’t watched it yet so badly want to see it.I love all the other parts that was released.I must book the tickets,thxs for the review.After reading ur comment I want to leave right away,but my 4 yr old kid would not let me watch.

    • Aww 😦 .. It would be a lovely watch if your kid also was this keen on the movie… You certainly seem a great fan of the ice age Janani 🙂 ..

  2. meowpurrs says:

    Really wonderful review for a total awesome movie. We were able to watch it in 4dx in Seoul. It was like a roller coaster ride +3D movie. Really cool!

    • Yea there were quite a few animation ones with good stories from the past two years..

      Also a new one by the name “Epic” is awaited.. I loved the trailer esp for the 3D effects.. absolutely brilliant..

  3. Lovely review 🙂 Although, the film couldn’t supersede the first two parts nevertheless it was entertaining. Keep up the good and check out my site some time.

    I’m adding your blog in my blog roll 🙂

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