A good review which definitely inspires me to watch this movie very soon 🙂

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It seems like today whenever people watch a movie they are looking for some kind of deeper meaning.  What does this film say about morality? How does this movie make me re-evaluate who I am as a person? Although it is great when movies provide insightful ideas about the human condition, there is a lot to be said for movies that are just downright fun.  It may not be a movie that is very thought provoking, but Madagascar 3 is the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a long time.

After leaving Africa and going to Monte-Carlo, the gang of four unlikely animals and their friends join a traveling circus in an attempt to return to New York and escape the evil animal control officer, Chantal Dubois.  The usual all-star cast is back, featuring Ben Stiller and the always-funny Chris Rock, along with some new additions including Bryan…

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