Prometheus Movie review..

Prometheus movie review- rating 2.5

It had been a while since I visited the cinemas for a movie. After a drought of about 2 months I finally get to Prometheus movie. I am a movie buff to a certain extent and I did read a couple of reviews before getting to the movie and I must say, I really was surprised and definitely not very pleasantly.

The movie starts on a very delicate premise on a quest of an old man trying to find a way to restore his life. He gets along with him a crew and on a promise of a distant planet which has the same life form as the earth. Later on, the movie haplessly tries to convince us that the life form on earth is derived from the life form of the planet- some xyz planet and the beings here are the derivatives and they being  a stronger species humans supposedly can benefit from those.

Speaking of the very theme, the movie revolves around the incredible flow of events; there is hardly any point of time where the crew convinces the viewer to its stand point. It becomes very hard to relate to the movie. I don’t know if it is running too fast cos I was looking at my watch very intently hoping that the movie would end soon. It felt as though they were rushing to the concept at one end and at the other end they were brushing away the vitals which may keep us focused on the movie. It looks like an effort gone in a confused manner. The graphics are pretty decent; I still however do not understand the craze of making every movie a 3D movie. Just cos we have a technology does not mean that we use it to show every little thing.  When 3D came out with Avatar or Tin Tin, it was something else, something of essence and 3D actually beautified the experience of viewing. However what the Prometheus movie did was extend the graphic and the gross images on to the 3D front. It was like trying to enhance the viewing experience of something we would loathe to see.

All in all, the movie failed to impress me on many fronts. The story and the flow were totally out of sync. The story was still something and it was not to the level of an alien movie which we would normally expect out of a Hollywood cinema. The technology they show is pretty decent, they try to bring in the sense of heroism, the words of spirit but it doesn’t inspire the viewer one bit. It is as though things are being brought at random and very sporadically. There are not many complaints about the music. I would love to refer to one scene where we hear the sound of waterfalls and it feels as though it is next to us. The computers and the gadgets shown are pretty neat and again not many complaints about the acting. My blame would squarely lie on the director and the screenplay. They fail to create the necessary impact.

I would not suggest this movie as a watch. It was equally competitive to the bad movies this year. This movie fails to involve the viewer at every level. If I were to rate this movie, I would not rate it any more than 2.5 and trust me, I am being a lot liberal here.  There are good choices available. Madagascar seems a little promising for a movie and so does Shanghai– Hindi. Well pick a spot and pick a movie and if you were to go by my suggestion, you would be better off avoiding this one.


13 thoughts on “Prometheus Movie review..

  1. Rajeshwari says:

    naa nenne madagascar noDde and skipped this movie 😉 defy i would rate 3-3.5 for madagascar 🙂 it’s fun fun fun 🙂 so made a good choice ansthide 😉 😀

  2. jaishvats says:


    First I don’t like sci-fi and space movies all that much . Two the trailer was not that impressive and now this review from u . I would be staying away from it 🙂 thanks for warning 🙂

    • Thanks for the response Jaish!

      😀 .. Good to know that the warning is taken into consideration. Seriously this is one movie you can easily skip. There sure are better choices available this week..

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