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Widening up the areas of interest, I thought I would start a new column of the hang outs I have been a part of and what better place to start with than Mysore? For starters I would make an entry with the restaurant. My favourite restaurants here of course remain the Silent Shores and Olive Garden. But the new ones are always interesting and compared to these two, the Oyster Bay is a relatively new one.

I have always wanted to check this restaurant from a long time now. It looked so plush from the outside and I really had a lot of hopes on the restaurant. Of course it is in the midst of a busy area and a college and I was wondering how a restaurant could pull it off being in such an area and yet providing an ambience which I would reckon the best places to have a dinner at.

Coming to the details, the setting is quite brilliant. It brings the feeling of a very nice and plush place to start out a dinner at. And if you are looking for a dinner reservation with your date, then this is one of the best places to be in. The ambience, the outdoor setting up of the chairs and the cool wind to welcome is more than to ask for. It would still remain in one of the top ten restaurants in Mysore to spend some good time.

Coming to the food, the veg section is very well taken care of. The clitron soup was something new and for me it was much of a change from the usual manchow soup. Also the corn dumplings were a delight with the mix of crispiness and the slight sweetness of the corn. It almost looks like our dear masala vada but it has a lil different taste and something delightful indeed. The chilly mushroom was a fantastic savoury, the softness of mushroom in combination with the neatly laid out salads, the cucumber slices probably marinated in a slight sweet solution adds to the taste and again it’s an A dish in my book.

On the non veg front, the basil chicken was a clear winner. I have always loved trying out the new dishes and this new trial turned out to be very helpful indeed. Now there is one more dish in the non veg section which I am really keen on ordering again when I get there. However the traditional dishes were a little disappointing. I don’t know if I had set the expectations very high for this hotel but the pepper chicken had a little too much of the pepper and it was not even the ground pepper, I could actually feel the pepper in my mouth and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. The California passion mocktail tasted a little like tonic in my mouth, too much of sugar and sweetness and not in the good way. The chocolate fudge was quite ok but I would rather prefer the chocolate fudge of corner house where the hot sauce of chocolate melts the ice cream underneath. The sauce was a little thick and was not runny on the beer mug in which they had served contrary to the usual plating of the dish.

The alcohol section probably would not get many complaints. But I would still refrain from ordering the cocktails and the mocktails here. Apart from these, I think it’s a really nice place to spend some quality time and hang out with some friends and of course for a date it seriously is a very nice place. Well the little negatives still don’t cancel out the positives that the restaurant has to offer. The pricing can be said a little on the expensive side but I guess it’s more for the ambience we pay than the actual food. I would still very much like to make a visit again to the restaurant and hopefully make a better choice of dishes and of course update this entry on the blog if too …  🙂


PS: Location

Oyster Bay

Kannada Parishath Rd,

099 00 037368

Opp VVCE college

27 thoughts on “Oyster Bay Mysore, restaurant review,,

  1. Viki says:

    You are making me jealous dude 😦 😛
    btw, clicked the google map link and browsed through, looked at all the places I used to live/hangout back in engg.. nostalgic 🙂

    • Ha ha 😀 .. Come on there are a lot of things right now I am JJ of 😀 😀 .. I should write one about Yampa soon man.. Today I’d been to Yampa, still the best hang out place ever. No matter how plush a place, beating Yampa is never easy 🙂

    • It sure is a nice place Neha. Do check it out sometime… I was a lil dubious about posting this article btw, but yea feels good to know that it does reach out to a fellow mysorean 🙂 . Thank you 🙂

  2. Rajeshwari Kattepur says:

    nam college edurgaDe nu intha ondu restaurant open aagide andre unbelievable 😛 absolute baraDa bhoomi it used to be 😀 good good, should check it out next time i am there 🙂

    • 😀 It sure was like tat back then.. Ur college didnt even have a compound, now it has so much to sport- The fancy restaurant opp to a college and tat too it seems to be making such a good Biz…

      Yea yea next time U are here, I could join u there, your treat 😉

    • Thank you so much Aamena.. It sure is a lovely post to hang out. Thank you so much for your interest in the articles, it sure makes writing the articles worthwhile. Thanks 🙂

  3. I believe Oyster Bay is more of a Hype. Its one of the worst restaurants in Mysore. Happy for you that you had a good exp there. I have on three diff occasions had a very bad exp . I would also like to let you know that even many of friends too had the same bad exp.

    • I’m afraid I have to agree with you completely. It was a wonderful restaurant when it started and when I wrote this review . But the last time I went there I was equally disappointed. It has gotten very expensive now and the quality of food and swerve Leave much to be desired. I’d rather recommend a place like country inn where you can have a better experience in both food and service ..

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