The Perfect Road Trip

One of the things I have constantly believed in is the beauty of a road trip! The idea is just get into a car or bike with a bunch of people who know you well and nothing else matters. It has been a while since I wrote for a competition and this time I am pleased to be writing for as to what my idea of a perfect road trip for me would be.

Perfect road trip

If you ask me, I rarely believe it has to be a plan to make a road trip work. It is more of spontaneity with a bunch of people crazy enough to follow the gut and head on the search. The most perfect one I have had was the one to Goa from Mysore. About 10 guys decide to make a drive up to Goa, about 650Km and it was a great plan! All set and we realize there are 11 of us and the two cars can hold only 10. I thought since I had been to Goa earlier that year, it would be sane for me to step back, although I didn’t want to. Of course I called up the guys and said they should go ( Did you say taking the high road?! 😀 ). All set to go and it so happens the slot opens up half hour to leave.

I still remember the call at 2 in the noon and Satish says – “Macha get ready to Goa, I am picking you in half hour!” . “This is interesting” I thought as I was contemplating what to do, well I guess the best decisions are the ones taken on the spur of the moment. I said Yes! and the trip happens. Soon as I get in the car, a Santro, Satish says – “Maga one slight adjustment, the other car is joining from B’lore, so we have to adjust. I thought “Ok! How hard can it be?!”. Less did I know it was 7 people scooching in a Santro. And it wasn’t even the highway! We took the narrowest roads with the most number of pot holes, imagine this with 7 guys in a small car! Fun eh?!

We did realize that it was not 140Kms after which they were joining us, it was 27o instead! Alright there’s no turning back once you start right? It sure was a hard and long 270Km and I never got to drive and it was the back seat of a car and 4 of us! That outta be fun! Somehow we did join the other car in Tumkur, a silver Polo which I absolutely fell flat for and ended up owning one 6 months later, but of course in red ;). The journey continued and I loved being in the new car, spacious powerful and damn comfortable. Next up was the highway, the NH4, the most amazing road I have witnessed. The cars were cruising and the new polo was a delight! Rakki said he would take the wheels! Anjan was way too cautious and was having second thoughts but the poor guy had to submit to the stronger will!

Rakki took the wheels

Rakki took the wheels


Rakki took the wheels, and within 5 mins we were flying over a hump, the first ever hit the car had taken after 6 months it was bought! If you have driven over the NH4, you’d recall that in the entire beautiful stretch spanning a huge distance, there are two humps without any warning and no sane man can avoid them! Regardless, the drive was amazing and we felt we were travelling at a great momentum! We did search haplessly for a famous Punjabi Dhaba which was apparently closed. The next stop was the state lodge at Dandeli and it was 4 when we reached there and booked a white water rafting at 6!

Of course we didn’t turn up at 6, it was 10 when we made it there and it sure was hell lot of fun twisting and turning in those rapids! And then came a jungle retreat in the night which was nothing but a farm house with a fire camp and some food which was cold! Nothing as fancy as it sounds. Next stop was Go Goooaaa! And finally I managed to take the wheels and the first thing that happens is that I get caught and pay a fine for not wearing the seat belt! Although it sure was a lot of fun hitting Goa and that too during elections when it was a DRY DAY! Curses! No parties, no skimpy wears but I tell you it sure was a hell lot of fun! We played water games to our heart’s content and my phone was happily drunk in the tides and would not wake up!


The water and the games in which my phone got drunk!

The water and the games in which my phone got drunk!

Thought of calling it a night and we managed to bump into an accommodation which worked out real cheap, thanks to a recommendation! The night was full in the name of poker! No drink, no smoke just plain old poker and 10 guys sitting around like big time professionals.The night in the name of Poker

The night in the name of Poker

None of us made any money though and we decided to hit the Russian beaches at Anjuna and it was good fun to see a party happening and we were a bunch of hapless guys dancing with each other acting drunk! But more fun was the walk on the beach which I have always been a huge fan of! So peaceful and so full of life! The next night we were headed back and I would prefer this any day to the drinking or hung over.

The drive back was an equal amount of fun. We did manage to find the Punjabi Dhaba which pampered us with great food! And we did find and flew over the humps again en route, lost our way a couple of times, thanks to the GPS and the phone batteries which were almost dead and no people around in the middle of the night to ask for directions. It was only when we reached Tumkur we realized we had to part ways again and get back to the Santro which was the 7 seater. Since I didn’t have an early office day, I thought it was sane enough for me to hop on to a bus and get home and so did Satish who generously agreed with me. Thus came to an end the road trip. The most perfect part was that nothing was perfect, no booze stories from Goa, nothing about the hot chicks, it was all a whole set of surprises all along and ended up earning me a new nickname – “Thatkal” for the last minute entry of mine to the trip.

So if you ask me what was perfect about it, I would say everything, although nothing seems so! That certainly was and will be THE PERFECT ROAD TRIP!


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Road Trip

  1. Sounds like you had a fun trip! Thank you so much for visiting & following my blog 🙂 , I read what your blog is about & I’m now a follower, it’s great to see your positive outlook on life. Take care 🙂

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