The Egg Factory!

The week was a great one, I had an opportunity to visit “The Egg Factory” in Bangalore. The moment I entered the place, the feel was brilliant. I loved the whole setting. The idea of a restaurant has gradually undergone a change for me, earlier it was just the food or the comfort of the company. Of course that matters, but now it has been more about the thought that goes into making the place and of course the FOOD! 🙂

Egg factory is a fantastic enterprise. I could see the amount of thought that has gone into making each segment of this restaurant. The chalk writings, the notice board, the menu which looks like a short tech manual of a dvd player, the writings in the menu, the play on the words – Eggpectations, Eggtravagancies, Eggstacies, etc were pleasantly amusing. I believe there are various ways to touch one’s sense of humour, some are blatantly amusing while some get us into a thought and bring out a lovely smile. I believe the latter one tickles the intellectual sense of it and rightly so this brought out a pleasant smile.

I loved the whole seating arrangement, the combination of colours in the restaurant, the menu, the service, a certificate from master chef Australia signed by Matt Preston!…. And even the restrooms. The faucets and the taps are so beautifully designed. Like I mentioned, there is a lot of thought that has gone into the design of every single bit in it and trying to decode the train of thoughts is a great feel indeed.

Coming to the food, it beat our eggxpectations by a large margin. I never knew egg could be this tasty! And I never knew that there could be these many varieties in the mere egg. The parathas were sensational and the curry to go along with it was absolutely delicious. The egg biryani and the way the eggs were fried was quite a sight! And me being a hardcore chicken fan blurted – “With food like this- who needs chicken!” and I meant it. Amazing food! The dessert surpassed our thought of a dessert. I loved the dessert, which was assorted into 3 different orders – a mango delight, caramel custard and the best of all- The chocolate Sin! And trust me it was a sin just to look at it and the bigger sin was to share it!

I have never had a dessert this tasty! It literally melted in our mouth and just to look at the expressions of ours when we ate, it was simply sensational. There was not even a single doubt as to how much each of us enjoyed the food. It was beyond brilliance in every way!

To say the least, it was one of the best dining experiences I have had. And if you are an eggitarian and even if you are living in a place a little distant from Bangalore, it would still be a sin not to check this place out.

It rates a total 5 on 5 in my book!


17 thoughts on “The Egg Factory!

  1. meowpurrs says:

    Yes, i remember eating there on a weekday. The place was cool and the food was yum 🙂 I remember loving the idea of dedication to eggs 🙂

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