Nervous Breakdown! Pandemonium! Impasse! .. Got any more words like these? …

Recently I was watching a serial where a particular scene depicts the protagonist going into a nervous breakdown where he acts as though he loses his senses and then comes back to his normal senses. The word Nervous breakdown sounds like all hell is gone loose. The first time I heard the word, I was searching the dictionary for a scary meaning of it and later came to know that it is another version of stress.

How common are these words – Writer’s block (a lazy man’s lame excuse when he is not putting out enough articles), pandemonium (Just a small confusion but a big word), depression ( someone’s boss raising a voice over them)………….. Gets me thinking….. How much do the words we use influence the way we think?

I have a friend who even when something of the slightest thing goes wrong starts off with the sentence “Story of my life! Why does this keep happening to me over and over again?! ” and I realize that the problem is quite simple after all. On the other end of the scale I get to meet some fascinating people even when all hell breaks loose manage to maintain their calm and the most they say is that they have a problem and are trying to find a solution to it.

It is amazing isn’t it? Do these words influence the way we think? How does the nervous breakdown compare with a little stress or annoyance? How does hurt feel in comparison with a minor irritation? How does closure compare with a break? I think we get a lot of connections here. The words we use show the way we communicate with ourselves. So for once I think it makes sense to tone down on the words. I am not saying that we should not accept things the way they are. We should! And we must find ways to act on it or else it makes the least sense in every way. But at the same time, don’t you think it is fair to let go off some words from our own dictionaries when we talk to ourselves?


11 thoughts on “Nervous Breakdown! Pandemonium! Impasse! .. Got any more words like these? …

  1. Mithil says:

    Some of the excuses to blow the situation out of proportions. These days even the 10 year old kids get nervous breakdown.

  2. Hi my friend! I would argue that all the words we use have an effect on our minds, but many folk perhaps do not fully understand the meanings of the language used. Language has a range of meaning and we all have differing abilities with words.
    I like to think of our brains as like a field across which many feet make a path – and in the same way, thinking the same thoughts can create a fixed way of thinking. I completely agree with you that careless language can exacerbate a minor problem as the old cliche about moles and mountains demonstrates.
    The communications media may have a lot to answer for here, as drama and hyperbole is employed to dramatise stories in a competitive marketplace.
    So I agree, calm and phlegmatic thinking is something to be adopted if possible. If not, we run the risk of talking problems up and being drawn into self-fulfilling prophesies.

    • Thanks Sharon. That is a nice rounded theory.

      I am a huge fan of linguistics and semantics. I am usually fascinated by the way the words have an impact on the internal communications we use. Thanks for the comprehensive response on the topic. Looking forward to share more interactions with you.

  3. I have to admit .. sometimes I just find that big words are fun to use. But that’s usually in my animated moments. I find my vocabulary becomes much simpler when I’m going through the trial .. in fact, I usually have a hard time finding words then. Anyway, I liked your post! 🙂

    • Thank you Dione 🙂 .

      They do serve a good purpose on the dramatic front. Infact I see most TV series make good use of these words. It is funny and educational to see how much of an impact they bear.

      Thank you for the sweet response Dione. 🙂

  4. Well, I too thought it would mean something like a diesease in which nervous system stops working or just malfunctions, or some mental diesease…
    these words just take away an ounce of our brain (which i have a very little in my biiiiig head) and leave us “nervous”… 😉

    good one!
    Enjoy the day!

    • Thank you Snehal. I have been quite fascinated with the impacts some words have had on us.. Somehow this seemed like one such interesting 🙂

      Glad that you liked it 🙂

      • snehalsahay says:

        Well, anyone would like this one…it was so realistic..
        we often dont accept that we dont know the meaning of a word, and try 1000 guesses, later finding it to be something compleatly different…!!! 😀
        And the feeling then is….eewwhhh!!! how did I…. 😉

        Thanks for replying Vinay,
        enjoy the day… 😀

  5. Thanks Snehal, Its very generous of you 🙂

    I read somewhere which mentioned – “Small things don’t matter a lot in life – They mean everything! ” – Anthony Robbins..

    I believe that’s one of the sanest statements I have heard and this probably is one of those small things as well 🙂

  6. I agree that words that we say to ourselves do have an effect on how we handle a “nervous breakdown” situation. When I encounter a potentially stressful situation, I tend to shrug my shoulders and say quietly and calmly to myself “Eh..what can I do?”. In a way, it settles me down and gets me thinking if I can find a solution to my problem — and if I cannot, then I casually accept the situation and life goes on.

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