Live examples of true inspiration- Lesson 1 – Surya the sculptor

An interesting person I met today was Mr Surya, twice Mr Karnataka winner, now a very happy sculptor who was telling about the way things have happened in his life and the way his journey came to doing stone carving and why he does what he does and where the bloody passion comes front. His most emphatic statement was

Vinay – there has to be some craziness in every person. That is the only thing that keeps him/ her alive. The rest hardly matters!

I was quite surprised at a statement like this coming from a body builder and a stone sculptor. Thanks to our shrouded blind perceptions, I had naturally assumed that the sculptor too was someone who had stumbled into this profession by chance as opposed to choice.

But I realize there is so much of talent in this man. He speaks brilliant English, extremely good story teller and a model that could have easily gone in to make the big bucks any day. Instead here is a man who chooses to stay by something he calls the madness and I would love to call it the passion. It is so interesting to see why people do what they do and most importantly how they keep doing it. I guess craziness is one word to coin for it and passion is the sophisticated form for it. Probably this is what Martin Luther King meant when he said

If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live “

 – Martin Luther King

How profound! I prefer to call it passion again, Surya prefers to call it madness. But whatever you choose to call it, I believe the hunger to do that something which we love the most is something unique indeed. For all those who share the thought hold on to that madness, I do understand that it is extremely hard but do hold on, it somehow manages to find a way to serve you in the end. For the rest who would like to deviate, I appreciate your views but if there is that something you are mad about, I would love to appreciate that madness even more. I would love to conclude with my all time favourite statement

“Passion is not just a word, it is a world! Open yourself up to it, it will find a way to open up to you” 


14 thoughts on “Live examples of true inspiration- Lesson 1 – Surya the sculptor

  1. To be excited about something……anything……is so important. I don’t think it has to be something grand or great (although that is good too).

    Something that gets you up in the morn
    And makes you glad you’re born 🙂

    Something that makes you want to comb your hair
    And put on fresh underwear 🙂

    Something that makes you smile
    And to you is worthwhile 🙂

    Do you have a new background theme? It makes posts really easy to see and read. I have this theme. I keep thinking I will change but maybe not.

    • Thats beautifully quoted 🙂 .. I wish I was inspired like you to bring out a post per day.. Haven been doin that much oft 😦 ..

      Yea I did change the theme, the old one looked very crowded, this one looks very simple and pleases the eye.. I think we both have the same theme.. Works best for our kind of write ups I believe 🙂

    • True Indu.. I think there sure are many such inspirational giants amongst us. . Most times we tend to miss them out. The one hr we spent talking to him, it made me realize there are so many people who do such amazing things. The only bit is that we dont seem to ask them the right questions. I am sure there is one hell of a story atleast in each one of us 🙂

  2. I have a college assignment. Have to make a documentary on a sub culture and i chose stone carvers. Can you tell me where I can find a group of stone carvers work together and interview them ?

    • Shravya if you are in Mysore, you can find a set of stone carvers working near the south gate of the palace. very close to the Agrahara circle. It is called Shilpi Basavanna stone carving. This might be a good start for the interviews..

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