Waking up to an Australian Dream!

Few days ago I was leading a tour where one of our guests was Mr. Peter. Peter is a visitor from Australia and it was a great time talking to him about the city. It is interesting the kind of people we get to meet on a travel, so different in many ways and so same in many. The similar and the dissimilar links never cease to amaze me. His interest in cricket, the passion to tour the world on his bike and the very Australian spirit of being adventurous were definitely addictive. The tour ended by a statement from him hoping our paths would cross again.

Funny how things work, I came across http://www.visitmelbourne.com/in at around the same time offering a contest and a dream visit to Melbourne. Maybe its one way to make the paths cross again!  Australia has always brought out a few feelings for me, their brilliant English accent, the craze for cricket, the love for food and the variety of cusines, the indigenuous tribe and the all alluring didgeridoo – the famed musical flute…. . .. .. . .. . .

I have always been a cricket fan who prides himself of breaking a fellow player’s nose with a tennis ball, what better for this fan than a view of the famous MCC– right from the days it has been Malgudi cricket club in R.K.Narayan’s book to the day it has been the MCC which has hosted the best of the best in the name of cricket. Reminds me the classy innings of Don Bradman before he bade goodbye to cricket, the hall of fame. What a dream would it be to make a visit to this place!


From the day one Masterchef Australiastarted, it gave a new inclination towards food and the love for food. It is like bringing a dream on the platter. I have been a huge fan of the show and  it got me so inspired in cooking. In Australia there is one special dish I would love to learn – the Pavlova. It would be fantastic to learn the dish and try the same here.


For the palate there is a great food and for the thirst, the Australian Beer should do the trick. I would love the taste of the delightfully famous dark beer of Melbourne and the ever promising over 20 varieties of beer at Mrs.Parma’s. Well don’t judge the drunk, Benjamin Franklin seems to agree with me 😉

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy”

– Benjamin Franklin

Australia is known for its aboriginal tribes. For me, it is the flute- the didgeridoo. Coming from a country known for its love in music and art, what better a feeling than to learn a new instrument which is indigenuous to the tribal culture there? The very thought of it sounds most exciting.

And yea before I sign off, there is one thing I would really love to try the most here, the walking tours – “Street Stories”. Having a small stint at the Royal Mysore Walks certainly has helped me appreciate the things of travel and history a little more and a little deeper and the street stories look the most promising ones! And yea drawing a parallel between the ever famous queen Victoria market and the 120 odd year old Devaraja market of Mysore would be an interesting activity.


Looking up and trying to wake up to an Australian dream 🙂 . I have always been a fan of Australia, it might be the accent or the people or the friendliness but I would certainly say – it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW” . I still carry a fresh passport and what better country than Australia for the first stamp?

Also, it is kinda nice to start things in an order. So why not start the world tour with the alphabet “A” 😉


30 thoughts on “Waking up to an Australian Dream!

  1. yomicfit says:

    I have a great friend who lives there!
    You will not be disappointed.
    You must make it happen
    No time like the present,
    As the future isn’t guaranteed

  2. I am interested in reading more about the dongri du flute.
    I did search…but am not a very good searcher. 😦
    Do you have some links that might give some information about it? Thanks.

      • Interestingly I bought a wind musical instrument today. A tribal art from Chattisgarh India when I paved a visit to the wellington lodge in Mysore. I am quite bad at playing , interestingly the one I bought just needs to be rotated to play a beautiful note 🙂 ..

        The duduk seems very interesting. It looks very similar to our flutes as well. It would be a lovely add to the collection 🙂 ..

        He he and yea I should consider checking my ears once .. 😀

  3. Hi Vinay!
    I’M AUSTRALIAN!!! 🙂 At risk of sounding very biased, you should definitely come to Australia – it is a lovely place to be. People are (mostly) friendly, the weather is lovely and we do have lots of amazing things to see and do. I lived in Sydney for about 5 years before I moved back to my home town about an hour and a half away (which is also lovely) and it wasn’t until I came back into Sydney one day to take some photographs that I realised how very amazing this city is. I’ve not been to Melbourne, but I’m hoping to go there some time in the next year or so – you might get there before me though!

    I love Masterchef too – it is my absolute favourite show on television. It also made me want to cook more and I’ve made so many wonderful things that I never thought I would. I also love eating the things I cook 🙂 Have you ever had a pavlova? I really like them, but growing up with them I probably don’t appreciate them as much as I should.

    Just one little correction though (as I noticed a post above that was looking for it), a dongri du is incorrect. It’s actually called a didgeridoo and it’s not really a flute – it’s far less delicate! But it is an amazing instrument to listen to and I think it takes a lot of skill to play (probably the same amount as a flute!!).

    Anyway, I hope that you make it here one day, it is a really nice place to be. I would nearly prefer to stay in Australia for a holiday than go overseas!

    • Thanks Heather. I love your reply..

      I would love a visit to Australia soon.. (mostly) friendly people ;), the masterchef, the didgeridoo .. I have never tried the pavlova here, but the filling and the process they show how it is made impressed me so much tat I somehow wanna learn that..

      Thanks for pointing out the didgeridoo,, I had heard it wrongly, and yea hoping and looking fwd to make it australia sometime soon..

      Meanwhille overseas, I would love to welcome u to Mysore if India is on your itinerary, a lovely relaxed city is guaranteed and people equally friendly.. 🙂

  4. Even I love watching ‘masterchef australia’… and its reference in your post is not just likeable but also something that most others haven’t referred to. But that may be because MasterChef are based in Sydney… but then, if it is good food you were talking about, yes, Melbourne has a lot of fine dining places.

    • Cool 🙂 .. It was one of the best shows ever. Though they copied it to Masterchef US and Masterchef India, the australian one was the best. Most professional and most friendly way of conducting a contest which none others could emulate..

      I hope the contest judges are watching this! 😀 .. The food and the people are tempting me a lot to dream a lil more about this now! 🙂

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