Interesting quips- R.K. Laxman


Once Captain Gopinath asked the famous cartoonist and the creator of the voice for the common man, R.K.Laxman

“Does your son draw?”

Laxman shot back with a very clever answer

“Yes…. (After a long pause)… He draws money from the bank! “

There are multiple ways of analysing the statement, I would rather stay with my choice of witty and sharp comedy 😉


Simply Fly- Capt Gopinath


37 thoughts on “Interesting quips- R.K. Laxman

    • You’re most welcome 🙂 .. His cartoon’s are absolutely brilliant.. There is so much of wit and humour and it is always the common man..

      It is so easy to relate to his cartoons and feels so close to the reader.

  1. Once I met R K Laxman and asked him for his autograph and he signed twice on my visiting card.
    I asked him why did he sign twice.
    He answered me,”The top one is the cartoon and the bottom one is my autograph.”
    I still have that one with me.

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