A HomeStay worthy of its name.

A HomeStay worthy of its name.



As soon as I mention homestay, the most famous adage comes to my mind- “Here is my home and you stay there”. It is a known fact for most of us about the internet marketing and how crazy the claims are and in the end we see that the photographs and the place seem like opposite ends of the globe when we actually make the visit.


For once the adage proved itself wrong. The place was as good as the reviews and the pictures told us. Infact the experience was even better, thanks to the people who made the tour happen and the hospitality at the reception. We arrived in around 3 for our rooms. The short rest helped us from the long journey, we should have taken the virajpet route from Mysore instead of the madikeri one. Although the roads are good, the distance is still better from Virajpet. The first view of the cottages was brilliant! Beautifully clean. There are few things which we look at as a must when we travel, the bathrooms, the cleanliness and the food. If all these basics are taken care of, the rest are add ons.


Kabbe holidays fared well in each of these sectors. What is the one thing which we all remember whenever we visit a person’s house? Is it the house itself or the person who welcomes us into it? Probably that is what the difference between a house and a home is. And in this case too, Dilip ensured that it was a home stay true to its definition. When I got talking to Dilip about the way his business has developed, his take was- “Vinay if you give the tourists what you promise and once they realise that you are not taking them for a ride, the rest speaks for itself”. We have all been victims of marketing, for once I felt that there is some ethics maintained in the marketing as well.


I was thoroughly impressed by the whole experience, it seemed perfect from so many ways. The cottages are located in a wonderful location with a hill and the falls in the background. The rain made the location all the more breathtaking. Who said July is not a good time to visit Coorg? I would take them on a debate any day! The very evening we were escorted to his ancestral home built in the Kerala architectural style with the wood structure talking for its own beauty. It gave us a glimpse of the rich heritage that still is a part of Coorg from around 250 years!


The night went great, thanks to a little vodka and a new mixture through a homemade passion fruit juice. Quite a combination I must say. The vodka went in very well with the food, compliments to the chef. We were also treated for a nice dessert, it was a custard pie if I remember properly. Good food, great weather- a perfect recipe for a deep slumber!


The next day involved a drive to the falls whose name I struggle to remember followed by a trek up the hills which is another wonderful experience to talk about. Just the few of us on the hills made us feel as though we owned that part of Coorg the whole time. Before we knew, it was time to pack and thankfully the bill didn’t surprise me, there was not even a single element outside what was already promised and discussed. Way to go on the ethics route. It is probably these kind of people who make us recommend such places to people. I would easily rate it a 5/5 and so would my friends. I would assure a quality time at this place. Very affordable for a gang of 4. As for a date, it would be hard to find anything more perfect than this! J


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