“Sab Approach se Hota Hai” ….. relinking to the special news article on Subhash Chandra Agarwal- The Hindu…

It is true that inspirations take in different forms and ways for someone who knows what he wants to do and the ways normally find a way to appear. The story of Subhash Chandra Agarwal featured in The Hindu today is one such article of one such man whose sole interest is in the way things are expected to be done and the disparity in the way they are being done.

We have always whined about what someone can do with their limited powers and the limited resources at hand. We have blamed the bureaucrats and the politicians for not doing the designated work in the designated manner but we have always absolved ourselves of one responsibility that befalls on us. Governance is always a two way structure and the maturity of a democracy is always proportional to the maturity of the individuals and their participation in the way the governance functions.

It is true that we may not be able to get in the direct functioning but there always is the indirect responsibility on us all to be a part of this. The certain time when we decide to say NO to the bribe asked by a policeman, or file in an RTI to get the information about a discrepancy in an office, the multiple instances where we draw the line and say enough is enough is the time and the day, an actual change can happen. Whatever I say here would really appear out of context unless I refer to the article on Hindu today about the one man who has stood up against many odds and shown what actually can be done. Change always starts through an initiative and I believe we have a solid example of someone who has really moved ahead and made the phenomenon of change a reality. Gandhi too was one man but the people made a movement out of it and held him through and made a seemingly impossible claims come true. Another example of a true spirit for change is one featured amongst the many articles today. we have always had great examples of people who have held out the path and made the directions- may it be the Hazares, Gandhis, Ambedkars, etc. But the final onus always lay upon us, whether to make something big of it or whether to just feel inspired for a moment and then get on with our lives abdicating the responsibilities. A point to ponder isn’t it?


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