Bazaar Brilliance :O

Well after a hectic month, I do get some time off to catch a break and visit the famous Palika Bazaar in Delhi for some shopping. It is a fantastic place, with a variety of things to purchase. May it be scents, or some shoes or clothes, jackets, watches and many many things. It is almost like a giant super mall with multiple small stores and multiple choices of things you would want to buy.


Of one of the things I have always appreciated Delhi about is its amazing fashion sense amongst the people here and the variety in the way people dress up themselves and quite elegantly so too. I have never really found this great amount of a styling in the dressing sense and self care in any of the places I have been a part of. Speaking of the Palika Bazaar experience, as I told- it is a fantastic place indeed. My legs are still hurting from the many shops I visited and the many clothes I got to see there. For people who know me, you know what I am talking about, and for the others- Well I am a shopping enthusiast, love selecting some clothes and trying out some new stuff.


The selections in the Bazaar were amazing. Of course none of them were branded, none original, they were all the exact duplicates of the original ones. The pricing of course was of a particular interest to me. Out of something I consider myself very weak- bargaining and responding to a negative comment or a raised voice are the two pillars which have scared me to my boots and I never really seem to do them with a great success. Anyway we were a decent gang of people, and went in to the shops, did all the window shopping, liked some clothes and gathered a few with the thought of buying them considering that collective bargaining is a much better idea. (Well exactly the same principle which trade unions are the masters of, esp in cases of bonus payments, etc) . Finally we realized it was a price blown out of proportion, and we came out of that shop only to realize that the shopkeeper is giving all sorts of ‘Gaali’ in a Hindi I have not really heard. See- this is where lack of knowledge of a language helps, Ignorance is bliss, right? 😉


The next shop I did some more window shopping and we went on many other circles till my friend stopped to buy a couple of tees and we ended up in another cloth store which this time picked out two decent looking tees and went ahead for the billing. The quoted price was 550*2=1100. Of course my friend was nothing short of a wild genius- he cooly replied- 300/-. The man again started the fowl mouthed language, cursed and again we had to convince our buddy too who was a little short tempered as well. Well when we were on our way out, the man called us again and the deliberations started- 800, 600. My friend wouldn’t budge and the settlement happened at nothing more than a bloody 350/-. Where is the quote and where is the actual value?! The evil genius strikes again and he was a little unhappy that he lost a 50 and couldn’t end it up in a 300.l I am pretty sure I would have ended it around 600 or probably even more! The same thing happened with the many products we went to see. There was a clear demarcation of prices and a clear demarcation or the bargaining rule as well. Of course bargaining wouldn’t work in the few fixed price shops in which the prices were fixed.


The lesson one for the day was

1)      In case you want to shop anything in Palika Bazaar, the max price you can settle for is a 1/3 of the quoted value. And in fact even a little less would be better.

2)      Please don’t really go in for the so called leather jackets or the shoes. They really are very unreliable and everything I bought the last time got into ruins in just a day’s span!

3)      The service sector in Delhi works in a different way to the place I am used to. So it becomes quite hard to maintain the composure when someone is maligning in your name.

4) And yes, the electronic items are not very reliable. So please beware when you are making a buy in this section.

And most importantly, there is a famous milkshake junction which serves excellent shakes for 40/- and gives them in the novelty age old milk bottle types- the big ones. It remains one of the best shakes I have tried in Delhi.  If you have a penchant for good foods and great shakes, you gotta try this one for sure.


Of course CP is a wonderful place and so is Palika. There is a lot of variety which the brands don’t even show. But yea please be a little careful about the pricing and the way people react there. Please ensure that it is all a part of fun and nothing too personal about it. Anyways do check out the milkshake for the flavour. And hone your bargaining skills before you get in, I am thinking of taking some coaching from some experts in that field soon 😉




6 thoughts on “Bazaar Brilliance :O

    • It was fun. Didnt buy anything thou, but sure was fun.. I mean the market s full of smart people buddy, they look at our face and then tell the rates.. They say MBA is a brillinat training gorund, I feel the market dynamics are no less a training ground.. smart people indeed 🙂

  1. oh man! need to borrow your friend for day!!!! 🙂
    I could never ever quote so low. it is a talent that i greatly admire! Sathya is SICK at bargaining and usually empathizes with the seller which really makes me SO angry because first of all i am struggling here to excel at the skill of negotiating & there he goes siding with the enemy!!

    “”responding to a negative comment or a raised voice””” for a moment it sounded like me there

    • Ha ha sure sure 😀 .. I would gladly share the contact 🙂 .. Ha ha, poor Sathya, looks like even he’s a lil like me,,

      It becomes pretty hard for me too to talk when someone raises a voice, I would so easily prefer running away from the scene 😀

  2. C P Tripathi says:

    Boss, never ever purchase any thing from Palika bazaar. Yesterday I have purchased a pen drive of 32 gb and when i came back and check with my comp. there no memory card inside, only pin was attached with the pendriv. I will never ever suggest any one to purchase anything electroncs items from palika bazaar. If you want to purchase go to Nehru Place you will get best deals.

    • I agree Tripathi, the last time I was there, I bought a jacket and it was torn after the first use.. Next time I shall keep this in mind.

      Thanks buddy 🙂

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