RR, RCB?! Go Rahul Dravid! :D


As I turn on the TV today, I realize there is a match between the Rajasthan Royals and Royal challengers Bangalore. Now I am a little confused as to whom to support. As a big fan and also you may say a little bit of the regional blindness, I swear my natural allegiance to the RCB. And for one more reason that there is the strong man Gayle and also the brilliant spin of Murali. However I do realize that they are up against not RR but a team which is captained by Rahul Dravid J


I know that I have always sworn an allegiance to RCB and Bangalore though I am not a very huge fan of the city for some obvious reasons and we Mysoreans seem to have something to complain about Bangalore all the while- most important reason being that it is atleast 4 hrs away from our place 😀 . So coming back to my allegiances, I realize that when Dravid is up to the toss there is only one team on my mind. It is not RR, it is not RCB, it is pure class of Rahul Dravid. Ever wonder why we like some people so blindly and everything about them seems so right? I guess that is one kind of feeling I probably have for this fellow. It may be the sheer respect or mere stupidity but somehow I could not help myself rooting for Rahul. I know it was not very loyal of me to change the parties like this, but hey, when the ministers can afford to do it, why can’t I? 😉


The moment was when the toss was about to be announced, the mike is turned from Vettori to Rahul and there is a thunderous applause from the audience and his voice is barely audible in the huge thunder of noise behind. The sheer feeling of what a person may feel receiving applause like that somehow brought a strange sense of energy. It almost took me back by about 4 years when I wondered how someone might feel when they are on a stage and there is an applause which doesn’t seem to end. That feeling was the time when I was reading Vivekananda and how he made his entry into the parliament of religions with his opening statement- “My dear Brothers and sisters of America”. Reading of that very moment or the toss scene today or the Steve Jobs speech at Stanford, the Randy Paush Final speech, they all somehow feel like they are bringing in something which seems amiss. It is not the sense of achievement, it is not the sense of doing something great but the sense that so many people respect and appreciate us, so many people respond to what we do and acknowledge what little we have done and could do.


I know that I am not probably in any stage close to talking about any of these from a personal experience, but the very thought makes me feel electrified and energised to such an extent that it seems as though there is a different person in me trying to get out of the limited thoughts he has to go somewhere beyond, to challenge the limits he has, to think and feel as if there is a way to realize and be a part of whatever dream we have and whatever desire we cherish with a whole lot of passion and conviction. I may seem a little wayward with my thought process today, probably I am still wondering as to how to give vent to the additional energy. I have always felt that writing did and could do this and somehow there is an added sense of energy when I update this on my blog. So I guess it is time to find something to make some constructive use of this energy, maybe get back to the basics and read a little about the entry in the parliament of religions and be a part of that as well. Meanwhile Go RR and by the time I complete this article, my rooting for Rahul Dravid stays for one more strong reason now and tat being RR won a clear justified victory 😀




4 thoughts on “RR, RCB?! Go Rahul Dravid! :D

  1. debajyoti says:

    i don’t see much of city loyalty as the organizers are trying to project coz end of the day we like all the indian players and most of the foreign players as well. e.g. today mumbai is playing against delhi. i would love to watch sehwag score some runs and at the same time will enjoy the batting of rohit sharma and other mumbai batters. yesterday i wanted both dravid and gayle to perform. i was really pleased to see the reception which dravid got.

    these are 9 clubs borrowing the names of 9 cities and that’s about it. i enjoy ipl but it would have been much more fulfilling if all the state boards managed the respective teams instead of these celebrities.

    • Point Deb! It would have made more sense to do it that way..

      But I guess IPL is all about the glam and glory of commercialization. Frankly I dont enjoy it anymore, Infact I switch it on as if to see the trailer of an upcoming movie or something. As if to endorse my view, even the stadiums look awfully empty of late… I guess it is slowly losing its sheen..

  2. The only match I was looking forward to in this year’s IPL was RR vs RCB in Bangalore. And what a stunning response Rahul Dravid got when he walked on to the ground. I was so glad RR won the match in Bangalore against RCB. Even last year I was looking forward to this match but unfortunately it got rained off. This win was a slap on the face for Mr. Mallya for not bidding for Rahul in the auctions. I used to support RCB, my home team until Dravid was playing there. Now my priorities lie with RR. If Dravid decides not to return next year then I wont follow IPL at all. 🙂

    • Yea.. I have almost stopped ODIs from the time he retired,, And if he moves out from IPL too, then IPL would start meaning even less to me.. Even I shifted to RR on support board this time but alas neither RR nor RCB made to the play offs,, Anyways for any match Rahul s a part of I think he’d have two sure shot supporters in us 🙂

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