There is always Time to make money but never money to make time!

This statement is dedicated to all the passionate dreamers in us. Looking back at my life from the past 4 years, I still somehow miss the very confident and a tad arrogant young guy who never gave a damn as to what others thought about him or what the consequences of his action were going to be. Today when I think back and try to see what has changed, there have been certain experiences which have strengthened this belief, I do miss the arrogance a little and the go getter who had least worries about many things that I am challenged with.

Well, coming back to the statement, it is one of the dearest statements I have come across and one of the most inspiring ones. Most times, many of our decisions are centred on the money/fear of future/concern of the consequences…….. It is never a wrong thing cos money does play a huge role and a part and parcel of our everyday lives. But there is one thing which has always had its place higher than money. There can never be a tab on our dreams and passions, about the things we want to do and about the way we want to live our lives. The dream is always such a fascinating thing. It has made us what we are today and the very statements we make, the way we talk and the way we approach anything is life is so lined along with a dream that it becomes an inseparable part of us.

But along the process, many of us have varying concerns, may it be the concept of having a very strong career or the beauty of love or the calling of a western nation. The concerns or the oases as “The Alchemist” says are still great ones. They hold us tight, they make our lives comfortable, but there is always one thought- “What if?”-This is probably the hardest questions to answer. Fact is there is no what if? It definitely is a pale lament when we utter the words what if I had gone in a different direction in life. There is never an answer for that, never a way to tell us how the other path would have gone. Whatever path we have gone on in was a choice, a very careful decision taken with various considerations. Almost all decisions are either totally right or totally wrong. The rights or the wrongs are defined upon the contentment we have in whatever we are doing. I think it always boils down to the decisions we take and the ones we take in the pressure of time.

Let us not digress from the topic. As I lie back in my chair and glance a thought at this, I feel how true the statement is. The concept of tomorrow is such a lame excuse. When we say tomorrow, most of the times it means never, when we say try- most of the times we don’t. How many of us have felt the same and thought in this direction? Fact is, for some things, it makes more sense to think that there is no tomorrow, whether it is a decision to make, a person to make a proposal to, a friend who needs to be told how much he is admired or the family to make its importance felt- many many things which can make a long line here. Probably the thought that tomorrow is a lame excuse makes us dare take some decisions, dare say some words and live up to some dreams that have always been a part of. I don’t mean to say that the concept of tomorrow is void, it is still a huge driving force of inspiration, but there are some things, some decisions to make, some words to say for which there is no tomorrow. After all, there is time for the other things in life while the priorities are priorities for a reason; the dreams are dreams for a reason. After all the other things will find a way to come back to us as long as we are committed and in the process which means the most to us. This write up is dedicated to all the very passionate dreamers I know and all the people who have made so many dreams come true and have been a huge inspiration all along. Kudos guys! 


7 thoughts on “There is always Time to make money but never money to make time!

  1. Vin – It’s so true. I could relate to every word that you’ve written. When I look back, there are so many things I would want to change but trust me, I am so proud I did them all. 🙂

  2. Gayathri says:

    “but there are some things to do, some decisions to make, some words to say for which there is no tomorrow” – like this especially for its so true.. It’s lovely the way you’ve put your thoughts into words..
    So dreamer… dream on.. !!! 🙂

  3. Vinay says:

    Thanks Vinay. I was actually quite happy with the post and by far this post has had the most views on my blog ever. Kinda proud 🙂 ..

    @Neha, Thanks dear, I had a hunch you’d appreciate this post and I am right too 🙂

    Thanks a lot Gaachi, looks like I am somehow on the path of the dream run again. Feels good to be writing again 🙂

  4. Vinay says:

    Thank you Madamji.. I saw the lyrics of the song now.. beautiful 🙂 .. Yup, will dream on, as far as I know, that’s the only treasure I have 🙂

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