Sure! Sex Sells! But there are two of them you know.

What a statement to catch the attention. The first part of the statement always manages to strike the eye. It is not that I am blaming the impact the words create, I am just trying to point out the general phenomenon. In fact truly stated, that was the only part which caught my attention to read the rest of the statement πŸ™‚ .

Anyways coming to the topic, I came across this interesting statement in The Hindu newspaper dated today-

First up I would want to thank the writer for this statement and second up the impact the statement creates is interesting indeed. All through, we have seen most of the advertisements target the sex symbol. May it be the Pulsar which says ‘Definitely male’ when the bike looks at the beautiful females around or the auto expos which always sport a really hot model standing next to a car. I have often wondered what that girl would have to do with the car. The model is usually sported in a very tiny outfit. It definitely puts up the sex symbol. But is that supposed to mean that own a car like this and you have a shot at a really hot girl like the one standing next to it? How many times has it happened that we rarely look at the car and instead end up ogling at the girl instead? A point to ponder isn’t it?

Another line to ponder on would be the statement mentioned above. We do believe that when there is a car expo, there is a chick car like the cute beetle or something which seemingly looks girly while there are the so called definitely male cars like the huge SUVs, Xylo’s or the Harley Davidson bikes. But most cars which hit the sales are the unisex cars which target the wider segment. The confusion still is that even these cars are exhibited with the sex sells concept. Is there really anything the advertisers are doing to appreciate the fact that the sex sells concept works either ways? Or is there an idea to sport some muscular tattooed hunks next to the car if we want to talk about equality? The very imagination seems like a weirdly distorted idea. I don’t have a solution for this either. I still love the idea that an auto expo always has some very pretty females in short clothing. But the question still remains. I don’t have an answer, I would really love it if someone points out some interesting answers to an open question here.

EOD I do agree that sex sells. But about the other part of the statement I do agree to the view the author points out πŸ™‚


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