Sherlock Holmes- A game of Shadows

Yet another release for the lovers of Sherlock. This has been a much awaited movie for the amount of inspiration it managed to create in the first one. The movie offers a lot on the platter. There is a hint of subtle comedy in the dialogue delivery and the screenplay which caters to the good sense of humor in us. Added to this, the movie has a beautiful picturisation of the landscape of Switzerland and the English counties. It offers a fair amount of action too for the adventurers in us. All in all, the movie caters to a wider range of audience and keeps us glued to the seats quite comfortably.

It so happens that the sequel of a movie usually ends up being not as impressive as the first one. The first half of this movie too almost brings us to a similar belief. It would not be an exaggeration if I say that I was waiting for the intermission. I found it a little bit of a drag to start with. But the director has compensated for this more than adequately in the second half. The second half has a lot of things moving very fast and at a very nice pace too. It keeps the anticipation in the viewers alive and the heart palpates a little more responding to the happenings on the screen. I loved the start stop technique which has been used in the chases scene. This has been picturised in a marvelous manner. The crew deserves an extra credit for this shot. The other scenes in the second half are equally commendable and the real Sherlock Holmes who was promised in the first movie is actually seen here. The ending scene with a question mark was also quite witty saying that the movie Sherlock Holmes never ends. Is there a part coming after this? I sure hope so 🙂

If I were to be asked to give an opinion on the movie, I would rate the first half a 3 over 5 and the second an easy 7 over 5. All in all a very good movie and it would be a shame if we happen to miss a movie like this. Giddy up fellows, this is a MUST WATCH movie.


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