Sandals pave way for the public ire

I came across an article about the anger expressed by Indonesian people on the police abuse in The Hindu-

It is quite an interesting read to know how creative the way of protests have transformed into. The first and foremost creative and perhaps the most effective way of protest I would trace to is the Gandhian way of non violence. It surely was quite an unheard way of expressing one’s opinion. Even to this day i still doubt as to how something as simple as this would work. But history time and again has proved the efficiency of a system like that. Speaking of history, the violent protests have always been in news. May it be an oppressive form of government or a simple displeasure resulting from being intolerant about a religious issue. We have seen the creative ways of protests that have made a difference, infact time and again they have proved to be more effective.

We truly are fed up with the stone throwing incidents, setting public property on fire, or even directly attacking the minority religious factions. Isn’t it time to move on and beyond the vehemence of the voice and the belliegerence of thought to something more sensible and effective? Indonesia certainly seems to think so. What about us?


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