Mission Impossible 4, a definite MUST WATCH movie

I was of the thought that 2011 had a rough patch when it came to the Hollywood movies. MI4 was a welcome change in that front. The movie offers a lot to keep the spectator glued to the screen. The way the tempo is maintained throughout the movie is amazing. The way landscape is pictured cannot be expressed in words. My favorite part was the Dubai scene where Tom Cruise hangs from the building, the sandstorm chase and how can I forget the range of BMW’s in the movie. Amazing show of the cars. The movie provides a fast paced screenplay and everything else matches to the screenplay. The choreography, the variations in the music, the dialogue delivery, fight scenes, they all make the movie a must watch. For any action lover out there I dare say that this is one movie you cannot afford to miss. Also the much hyped role of Anil Kapoor is really a huge hype. Poor chap! He does not have any decent role play the movie. His moves are the worst flirtatious moves I have seen on the screen and he”s portrayed as a complete dumb fellow. But yes, from the point of view of the movie, he suits the purpose or so I believe.

Anyway, bottom line -Dare not miss this movie! I am a newbie to the Mission Impossible clan and if I find it this gripping, then imagine what it holds for a hardcore MI fan. Kudos to a great movie


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