Tin Tin in 3D DRC cinemas Mysore

Tin Tin is an absolutely amazing movie. I have been waiting for this movie since almost a week now and every time there was a delay and now I know this movie was worth waiting every moment for what it has to offer. The way the entire movie has been taken through is a real testimony and thanks to Speilberg, this movie too stands up to the reputation of being a Speilberg movie and in every way the movie is entirely commendable. DRC cinemas is a nice set up in Mysore, although I would still prefer the pop corn in paper cups over the plastic ones. But for this little complaint the theater is lovely. Or as Rakki says it seems it is better than the theaters in Atlanta too. So all hail Mysore eh? 😉

Anyways I am no critic to talk about the movie but the chase scene is an amazing highlight of the movie. It is a pretty long scene for the length of the movie but it does manage to keep the interest in the scene. All in all I would say it is a must watch movie. As for the lovers of Tin TIn, what better can you ask for than Speilberg directing a Tin Tin movie. Sit back, relax and have fun, let the magic of 3D and Tin Tin work its way into you. And trust me, it sure does 🙂


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