Giving truth the limelight

I was looking at my FB wall today and saw a few posts of which one particularly gained my attention. It is the feat by one Rajesh who has done a commendable job in training the villagers, educating them, making a real change in the lives of the many where hopes run dimmer than the lights running on a single phase voltage. Anyway pun apart, what this fellow has done is a real inspiration. It is a wonder that the easy political rifts find a way to be the highlights in the media with the same photos being showed from multiple angles and make feel how bad the environs which we live in is. I am not saying what the media is doing is a bad influence but all I am saying is that there is a discretion involved here. There are important feats we need to hear about, there are people who are doing a lot of real commendable work out there who do not make it to the news. Not that they do it for the news but it is the truth that has been shadowed in the murky waters of so called politics or the so called leaders who ‘lead us'(again pun intended)!

I think I am digressing from the point here. All I wanted to say was that these are the real heroes who need to be making the news. These are the heroes who inspire us to do some things which can make a difference. I am always very appreciative of the blessed few amongst us who spend their weekends in a lovely manner trying to help the underprivileged ones. There are students who do volunteer work to these special organisations around us. There is change everywhere, the irony is there is always a clamor as to how bad the world is and why nobody is doing anything about it (though I always wonder the real question is what we are doing about it!!). The fact is there are a lot of people doing a lot of things which unfortunately escape the attention of many. There are the real heroes amongst us who do a lot of difference without actually being aware of it. There are many Rajesh amongst us. Appreciate them, join them in whatever small way we can. That is how a difference is made. This little write up is with special honor to all the very special people I have met in my life when I was doing a little bit of the NGO work. Thanks for being the true heroes guys. Just so you know, I always have a huge amount of respect for you.



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