The Wall is back into the ODI squad

Its about time that this Giant is back in the team. This man has proved his class beyond doubt in the test series this year against The English. The lone man who survived the brunt of the British attack and stood as a testimony to his personality and of course the designation we all yield him with love- The wall. Looking back at how things have gone in the past for this chap, this performance can be rated more than extraordinary for the very shaky past two years. But this performance outclasses every other he had been through when he was on a roll and now as an acknowledgement of that, this man is back in the team. Many thanks for him for bringing in so much inspiration and sending out the message again and again that there is something in this world which is always appreciated every time- Consistency or in other words just the name Rahul dravid can be used as the epitome for consistency. That’s why probably we get to say that the wall never crumbles this side of the world. Proud to have such an inspirational giant to keep us motivated all through the journey 🙂


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